[How to cook whole grains]_How to cook_Cooking method

[How to cook whole grains]_How to cook_Cooking method

Grain cereals are loved by people in the daily life and are popular for health preservation. Grain cereals are considered as the holy product of health.Has a good effect.

It can detoxify and nourish the face, strengthen the spleen and stomach, warm menstrual pain, nourish blood and nourish blood. Friends in need can learn more about related knowledge.

I. Exclusive formula of detoxification and beauty (one cycle per month) Exclusive formula: grape seed, Poria, black sesame, winter melon seeds, coix seed, almond, soy health effects: clear liver and detox, spleen and dampness, beauty and beauty for the crowd: caused by chronic diseasesMetabolic imbalances, pigmentation, dull skin, ulcers, acne, etc. Second, spleen and stomach nourishing formula (one cycle every two weeks) Exclusive classic prescriptions: radish seeds, soybeans, barberry, coix seed, black sesame, yam, oat healthEfficacy: strengthen the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, nourish qi and nourish blood. Suitable for people: indigestion, loss of appetite, patients with gastrointestinal disorders, general weakness, chlorosis, malnutrition, etc. (can be adjusted with honey)One cycle per month) Exclusive formula: walnut kernel, black rice, red dates, Poria, black sesame, fennel seeds, red beans, oat health effects: nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, warming and dispersing stasis, warming and analgesic. Suitable for people: irregular menstruation, menstrual bloodUnsmooth, low menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, etc. IV. Blood and nourishing formula (one cycle per month) Exclusive formula: red beans, walnuts, wolfberry, peanuts,Jujube health effects: promoting blood circulation, promoting circulation, and preventing anemia. Suitable for the crowd: anemia crowd 5. Breastfeeding nutrition formula (one month, one cycle). Exclusive formula: oats, coarse rice, black rice, coix seed, black sesame, Poria, buckwheat.Efficacy: Qi and blood double tone, reconciling yin and yang, health care during pregnancy Suitable for the crowd: postpartum and lactating women, weak constitution VI, intestinal laxative formula (one month, one cycle) Exclusive group: Cassia seed, barley kernel, almond, oatmeal, watermelonSeeds, coarse rice, soy health effects: stomach and intestines, promote metabolism, detoxify and beauty, reduce the generation of melasma suitable for the crowd: constipation, poor gastrointestinal function seven, nourishing and soothing formula (one month a cycle) exclusive formula: Jujube Kernel, Lotus Seed, Walnut Kernel, Poria, Soy Bean, Red Bean, Black Sesame Health Benefits: Tonifying Liver and Kidney, Strengthening Heart and Rejuvenating, Suitable for People: Stress, Excessive use of brain, Insufficient kidney essence, Sleep qualityEighth, exclusive formula of antihypertensive formula: red lotus seeds, chrysanthemums, black beans, corn health effects: soften blood vessels, reduce serum hypertension,防The occurrence of hypertension and coronary heart disease, increase the concentration of histamine, expand the range of blood vessels, have a hypotensive effect. Nine, exclusive classic formula of beauty and skin care formula: lily, walnut, coriander, buckwheat health effects: remove toxins in the body, anti-aging, Zerun skin, promote metabolism, remove skin wrinkles, make skin skin white and tender, exclusive formula of hair care formula: walnut, sesame, black rice, crystal rice health effects: black hair, anti-aging, strong bones and strengthen vitality tenI. Exclusive formula of anti-aging formula: Chinese wolfberry, oatmeal, black beans, red lotus seeds, chrysanthemum health effects: maintain normal endocrine, enhance physical fitness, delay aging, prolong life, reduce cholesterol content in blood, twelve, exclusive formula for weight lossIngredients: buckwheat, black rice, and coarse rice Health effects: shrinking feces in the body, nourishing and regulating gas, diuretic swelling, suppressing obesity thirteen, exclusive formula of formula: walnut, sesame, oats, coarse rice, Huaishan health effects:Enhance bone quality, prevent rickets in children, improve brain function, improve memory 14, Yimian paste Exclusive formula: jujube kernel, walnut, Sesame, lotus seeds, black rice, Huaishan, lily, oat health effects: sedation, hypnosis, soothe the nerves, lower blood pressure, nourish liver qi, strengthen bones and bones, used for upset and sleeplessness, restlessness, palpitations, etc. have a certain effect.Gold paste exclusive formula: rough rice, red lotus seeds, oats, poria, wolfberry, walnut, soy health effects: Qi, spleen, and semen effect, suitable for premature ejaculation caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney

[How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes]_Home-made method of Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes_How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes_How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes

[How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes]_Home-made method of Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes_How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes_How to make Japanese-style multi-colored pancakes

Going out to eat every day, the actual stalls are not necessarily clean, and it is easy to get tired.

In fact, I can learn how to cook, I will introduce the Japanese-style multi-flavored pancakes, and you can make them yourself according to the following steps.


After the eggs are sugared and beaten into small bubbles, let the sugar particles melt for a while.

Add the flour and soy sauce and flour to the dough 3 which is stirred into a soft sister state.

Put on a cling wrap film (baking cloth is better). Place the cling film on the surface where the wrap film is in contact with the countertop. Then cover with a cling film. Roll out the dough and spread it evenly.

Remove the upper cling film and use a stamper to print marks 5 on the dough sheet.

Then add the ingredients of various flavors. This lightly adheres lightly to make it in close contact with the dough.

Then press out the biscuit embryo and transfer to baking paper 7.

The oven is baked at 170 ° C for about 20 minutes. This time is the most important. It depends on the color. The health of the family is the biggest wish of the housewives. Then, through this healthy and delicious Japanese multi-flavored pancake introduced by Xiaobian today, the year isDo n’t you want to learn?

Hurry up and do something for your family.

[Can you drink yogurt with hairy crabs?]_ Sour milk_Can you eat with

[Can you drink yogurt with hairy crabs?

]_Sour milk_Can you eat with

Summer and autumn are the seasons when all kinds of seafood are on the market. Many people like to eat crabs. Everyone knows that the protein content of crabs is very high. They are often eaten to meet the daily protein needs of the human body, but crabs are cold.Do n’t eat too much. You must eat it in moderation. You can still drink yogurt after eating crabs. There is no conflict between the two, and it will not cause the phenomenon of relative grams.

Can I drink milk with crab? The following are items that cannot be eaten with milk, but do not include crabs, so you should be able to drink milk when eating crabs.

However, crab is a cold food, so it is recommended to eat less.

1, sherbet, orange juice, sour plum soup and other acid drinks.

Because these acid drinks in the stomach combine with the protein in milk to coagulate into longer, harder and more difficult digestion and absorption, so they cannot be eaten together, and should be eaten after drinking milk for an hour.

Can I drink milk for crabs?

Can Crab Drink Yogurt?

2. Chocolate.

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, and chocolate contains a lot of heat energy and oxalic acid. If consumed at the same time, calcium in milk and oxalic acid in chocolate are combined to form calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate cannot be digested and absorbed in the human body.On the contrary, it will cause children’s slow growth, diarrhea and other adverse effects, and even make the hair dry, dull and urinary stones.

3, orange, apricot, sour pomegranate and other fruits containing acid polysaccharides.

These fruits are rich in fruit acid. After eating with milk, the protein in milk will quickly combine with fruit acid to form a harder coagulation, which is more difficult to digest and absorb, so you should eat it after drinking an hour.
4, malted milk.

Because malted milk contains high traces and sugars, this can cause poor appetite and affect milk digestion.

5. It is best for adults to drink milk without sugar. This is because sugar will decompose in the human body to form acid, and acid easily neutralizes calcium in milk and affects calcium absorption, so it is best not to add sugar.

Can you eat yogurt with crab? Crab is only compatible with the following foods.

Crabs and pears: eat both, hurting the stomach.

Crab and eggplant: the same food, hurt the stomach.

Crab and peanut kernels: easy to cause diarrhea.

Crab and cold food: it will cause diarrhea.

Crab and loach: they have opposite functions and should not be eaten together.

Crabs and pomegranates: irritation, degradation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

Crab and muskmelon: easy to cause diarrhea.

Crab and sweet potato: easy to condense into persimmon stone in the body.

Crab and pumpkin: the same food can cause poisoning.

Crab and celery: the same food can cause protein absorption.

Sea crabs and jujubes: the same food is susceptible to cold and fever.

Can I drink milk for crabs?

Can Crab Drink Yogurt?

Hair crabs and loach: the same food can cause poisoning.

Hair crab and ice phase grams: the same food can cause poisoning.

Therefore, you can drink yogurt while eating crabs.

Can you eat crabs after drinking yogurt? If you drink yogurt, you can eat crabs because yogurt contains mainly lactobacillus and does not have any chemical reaction with protein. Crabs are mainlySome proteins that drink fruit may have some reactions.

Therefore, it is suggested that it is best not to eat fruit when eating seafood, but yogurt is definitely drinkable, and there is nothing else.

[Can you eat chives and amaranth together]_Eat amaranth at the same time_Can you

[Can you eat chives and amaranth together]_Eat amaranth at the same time_Can you

Leeks and amaranth are two types of vegetables. These two vegetables carry more nutrients. After eating, they can have a very nourishing effect on our physical condition, but we will always worry about this.There is a relationship between the two vegetables, which affects your body. In fact, this is not the case. The two vegetables, leek and amaranth, can be eaten together without replacement.

Food with grams[leeks + spinach]with the same food will have a bowel effect, easy to cause diarrhea.

[Leek + Beef]Fever and fire, causing tooth swelling and aphtha.

[Leek + Liquor]Causes gastritis and recurrence of gastroenteropathy.

[Leek + Honey]The same food can easily cause diarrhea.

[Leek + Milk]Because leek contains a large amount of oxalic acid, it will form calcium oxalate that is not easily dissolved when eaten with milk, which can be converted into absorption of calcium.

[Food is suitable][Leek + mung bean sprouts]Get out of the air and have a laxative effect.

[Leek + Mushroom]Laxative detoxification and improve immunity.

[Leek + Tofu, Egg]Yiqi Yangyan, Jianwei refreshing.

[Leek + Anchovy]Moisturizes the intestines and relieves diarrhea.

[Leek + Shrimp]kidney, aphrodisiac, Gujing.

[Leek + Pig Liver]Sterilize, help digestion, and promote nutrient absorption.

[Leek + Egg]The two foods have the same effect of nourishing, and have a great effect on patients with stomach and kidney disease.


Treatment of chest paralysis, pain in the heart, such as cone thorns, do not pitch, spontaneous sweating or pain on the back, die or die: five pounds (wash) of leek or root, pounding juice.

Indoctrination, that is, vomiting blood in the chest.

(“Meng Yifang”) 2.

Governance of Yang deficiency, coldness of the Yang Road, or cold pain in the waist and knees, nocturnal emission of dreams: Leek white eight two, walnut meat (peeled) two or two.

Stir-fried with sesame oil, eclipse and serve for one month.

(“Fang Mai Authentic”) 3.

Governing stomach: two or two leek juice, one milk.

Ginger and half with ginger juice and mix well.

Warm service.

(“Danxi Heart Law”) 4.

Laryngeal swelling can not be eaten: leek, stir it thin, cold is easy.

(“Thousands of Gold”) 5.

For vomiting blood, saliva, vomiting blood, bleed blood, lymph fluid, hematuria and all blood certificates: leek ten pounds, pounding juice, raw huanghuang five pounds (chopped) soaked in leek juice, dried in the hot sun, raw yellow and black rotJuice is dry; enter the stone mortar and pound it a few times, such as rotten cream without residue, as pills, large marbles.

Take two pills each morning and night, and turn down the white radish decoction.

(“Fang Mai Authentic”) 6.

Blood stasis in the lower intestine: leek cold drink, very good.

(Zhu Zhenheng) Treatment of allergic purpura: one pound of fresh leek, washed, smashed stalk juice, and add 50 ml of healthy children’s urine.

One dose per day, divided into two servings.

“Selected Materials of Fujian Province’s New Chinese Herbal Medicine Law”

[How to drink black soybean milk often]_How to eat and drink _ Curative effect

[How to drink black soybean milk often]_How to eat and drink _ Curative effect

Soy milk is a traditional breakfast drink for the Chinese, because the raw material of soy milk is mainly beans, which can supplement our body with a lot of vitamins and proteins.

The raw material of soy milk is not fixed. In addition to soybeans, black beans are also a very good choice, because you don’t know much about black soybean milk, and you are worried that regular drinking is bad for your health.

So, how about drinking soy milk?

Soymilk made from black beans can be put in daily, generally drinking 300-500 ml per day.

Soy milk should not be accumulated in large quantities at one time, otherwise it will easily cause abdominal discomfort.

And soy milk must be cooked thoroughly, do not add brown sugar, you can add some white vinegar to make bean curd and put in, the absorption effect is also good.

The nutritional value and efficacy of black beans: Studies have found that black beans have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, warming the stomach and intestines, promoting eyesight and promoting blood circulation, pros and cons, and poisoning.

Among them, the content of B vitamins (B1, B2) and VE is very high, and the content of VE is only 7 times more than that of meat. It has great effects on the nutrition and health of the human body, anti-aging and anti-aging, beauty and beauty, and vitality enhancement.

Black beans are rich in vitamins, yolk, riboflavin, melanin and hormones called “living hormones.”

When is the best time to drink black soy milk in the morning? It is best to drink black soy milk in the morning. During this time, the human body is very deficient in water and nutrition. Soy milk can supplement the water and provide nutrition, and the milk is not greasy.Digestion and absorption.

In fact, you can usually drink in the morning and noon, but do not drink on an empty stomach, it is not very suitable to drink at night.

Black beans have high protein and low migration characteristics. Their protein content is as high as 36% -40%, which is equivalent to 2 times the meat content, 3 times the egg content, and 12 times the milk content. 18 kinds of amino acids are allowed, especially the essential 8The acid content is higher than the high protein standard set by the US FDA.

Black beans also contain 19 kinds of oils and fats, with an unsaturated fatty acid content of 80% and an absorption rate of more than 95%. In addition to meeting the human body’s demand for feces, it also has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood.

[Can I eat watermelon while confinement?

]_ Recommended diet

[Can I eat watermelon while confinement?
]_ Recommended diet

During the confinement period, the health care of the body needs special attention, because if the confinement is not done well, leaving some confinement diseases, it may have a great impact on women, so we must pay attention to the correctDiet and health care, many women will question whether they can eat watermelon during the confinement period, so let ‘s analyze it below.

In fact, women are weaker during the postpartum period. This is why they should pay more attention to nutritional supplements. Watermelon is a cold fruit. In fact, at this time, it will not make postpartum women eat itIt will have a great impact on the recovery of the body, and the baby is breastfeeding at this time, which is not conducive to the health of breastfeeding.

Many women are still sensitive during the confinement period. If they eat some cold and irritating foods, they can easily cause complications of gastric ulcers, which will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.The contraction of the uterus leads to lochia, too much or poor drainage, so from a health perspective, it is still recommended that postpartum mothers do not eat watermelon.

In addition, if mothers want to eat more watermelons, the baby will still pass the breast milk to the baby while breastfeeding, and the baby’s digestive function is not very good, so it may cause the baby to thin or other bodiesDiscomfort occurs.

If you want to eat fruit postpartum, you can choose some mild fruits, such as bananas, kiwis, etc., pay attention to the health of the diet, then it will be conducive to postpartum physical recovery and baby’s health.

Oriental Garden (002310) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Credit Improvements, Overlays and Control Fees are Good for Performance Recovery

Oriental Garden (002310) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Credit Improvements, Overlays and Control Fees are Good for Performance Recovery

Guide to this report: The unsuccessful financing in the tight credit environment / rising financing costs and increasing management costs are the main reasons for the company’s negative performance in 2018, the company’s multi-channel cooperation with state-owned assets and policy support, and improved financing and performance in 2019Warm up.

Investment Highlights: Maintain overweight.

Revenue in 2018 was 13.3 billion (-13%) / net profit attributable to mothers was 1.6 billion (-27%) was lower than expected, and the EPS for 2019-2021 was lowered to 0.



89 yuan (the original 2019-2020 EPS is 0.


96 yuan), a growth rate of 13/17/14%.

We maintain our target price of 10 as the sector estimates the central hub is up.

1 yuan, 15/13/11 times PE for 2019-2021, and it is planned to pay 0 cash dividend for every 10 shares.

94 yuan (including tax), increased holdings.

Poor financing and rising expense ratios dragged down performance, gross margins rose slightly, and net cash flow from operations dropped significantly.

1) Q1-Q4 revenue growth 无锡夜网 rate is 106.


5 / -12.

7 / -44.

At 7%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 127.


2 / -22.

1 / -52.

7%, the negative increase in performance in 2018H2 is mainly due to poor financing and construction sketch map and provision of bad debts; 2) Gross profit margin 34.

1% (+2.

5pct) / net margin 12.

0% (-2.

6pct), the sales rate is 0.

3% flat / R & D and management fee rate13.

5% (+5.

4pct) / finance rate 5.

2% (+2.

6pct); 3) Operating net cash flow is 0.

5 billion (-98%), with a cash ratio of 69.

2% (+1.

4pct) / cash ratio 80.

4% (+ 31.

5pct); 4) Asset impairment loss 4.

4 billion (+11.

7%), accounts receivable / total assets 21.

4% (-0.2 pct), asset-liability ratio 69.

3% (+1.


The key support of the credit improvement policy is conducive to 武汉夜生活网 improving financing. At the same time, the company’s streamlining of personnel is conducive to reducing management costs. The 2019 performance will promote recovery.

1) Financing improvement is conducive to the progress of construction restoration: ① The state-owned Yingrun Huimin Fund (the actual controller transfers 5% equity) will help improve the company’s financing reputation; ② It is planned to issue 4 billion preferred shares and apply in January 2019Has been sanctioned by the Securities and Futures Commission; ③ The company is supported by policy as a leader, and issued 1.3 billion corporate bonds in 2019 calendar year; 2) Expense ratio is expected to be reduced: ① The loose credit environment and liquidity will help reduce financing costs, and the financial expense ratio is expected to decrease; ② 2018 At the end of the year, the number of employees was 5,244 / down 14.

4% is conducive to reducing management costs.

Catalysts: Social financial data continued to improve, preferred shares were issued smoothly, and performance growth reversed.

Risk warning: Social financial data continues to decline, preferred stock issuance fails, performance growth continues to decline, etc.

Goertech (002241): Steady Growth of Leading Enterprise in Acoustics + Optical Track Continuous Innovation

Goertech (002241): Steady Growth of Leading Enterprise in Acoustics + Optical Track Continuous Innovation

The event company released the first three quarters of 2019 performance report, and the company achieved operating income of 105 in the third quarter of 2019.

600 million, an increase of 50 every year.

38%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in a single quarter.

61 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

13%; The main business income in the first three quarters of 2019 was 241.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.

23%, the first three quarters achieved net profit attributable to listed shareholders9.

85 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


At the same time, the company released 2019 performance indicators, and it is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2019 will be 11.

70,000 yuan?

4 ‰, a year-on-year increase of 35%?
55%, that is, the net profit achieved in Q4 is 1.

$ 8.5 billion?

5.5 billion.

  Wireless headsets accelerate penetration, boosting rapid growth in performance. Counterpoint expects the global TWS headset expansion to increase to one this year.

200 million pairs, an annual growth of more than 160%, while Apple ‘s second quarter accounted for 53% of the converters. In the Android camp, Samsung ‘s market share is about 8%. It is expected that through the release of Huawei ‘s new TWS headset FreeBuds3,Android is also expected to increase market share, driven by flagship brands such as Huawei Xiaomi.

As a supplier of international and domestic brand manufacturers, the company’s performance is expected 南京夜网 to usher in a substantial and determined growth.

  The VRAR wind is gradual, leading companies fully benefit from 2019, the VRAR industry is gradually gradual. As one of the essential application areas in the 5G era, after the industry defoamed in 2016-2018, we believe that the virtual reality industry has truly entered the first year of developmentWith the active layout and penetration of international and domestic brand manufacturers, VRAR equipment terminals are expected to usher in a new round of development and change, and the company will become a leading virtual reality equipment foundry and some component manufacturers will achieve rapid growth.

  Investment advice we predict company 2019?
Revenue in 2021 will remain unchanged at 293.

800 million, 427.

800 million, 546.

8 ppm, the annual growth rate is 23.

7%, 45.

61%, 27.

82%; mainly based on the improvement of gross profit margin in the third quarter, 2019?
The gross profit margin in 2021 will be 14 respectively.

21%, 14.

07%, 13.

47% increased slightly to 14.

5%, 14.

31%, 13.

71%; net profit attributable to mothers is 11 respectively.

2.9 billion, 17.

4.1 billion, 20.
6 trillion is raised to 12.

9.8 billion, 18.

3.2 billion, 21.

7.7 billion, the previous growth rate was 49.

53%, 41.
17%, 18.

87%; corresponding EPS are 0.

40 yuan, 0.

56 yuan, 0.

67 yuan.

Reference Shenwan Electronic Components Manufacturing Index The PE (TTM) has been about 40 times in the past two years, and is currently 47 times.

For the company to gradually develop its strength in intelligent hardware fields such as TWS, as well as its in-depth layout in VR / AR and other fields, and slightly increase its profit forecast range, the company will be given 40 times PE in 2020 with a target price of 21.

6 yuan slightly raised to 22.

4 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risks suggest that the competition in the TWS headset market is intensifying, and the company ‘s production expansion exceeds the expected customer revenue decline; the VRAR volume is lower than expected, and the company ‘s new product breakthrough exceeds expectations.

CITIC Securities: U.S. interest rate hike cycle paused is not end

CITIC Securities: U.S. interest rate hike cycle “paused” is not “end”

Macro | U.S. Interest rate hike cycle “pause” is 南京桑拿网 not “end” CITIC Securities Research Articles Zhu Jianfang Cui Zheng The current market’s interpretation of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is too dovish.

We believe that the Fed’s interest rate hike cycle “pause” is not “end”, and it may initially raise interest rates again in June.

Considering that the rise in risk appetite partially masks the significant downward revision of US stock earnings, we remain cautious about the subsequent trend of US stocks.

Prompt attention to the specific expressions of the Fed’s March and April meetings on interest rate hikes and schedules.

  ▍Most markets believe that the Fed’s rate hike cycle is “end”.

  The unexpected turn of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has been a key factor in the general increase in global asset prices since the beginning of the year.

To be sure, the 北京养生会所 Fed has indeed come to an end after nine consecutive interest rate hikes.

However, we believe that the current market’s interpretation of the Fed’s monetary policy is too dovish.

  ▍The Fed ‘s interest rate hike cycle “pause” is not “end”, and may initially raise interest rates again in June.

  The US economy is better than expected and the financial market is picking up. The probability that the Federal Reserve chose to raise interest rates again by 25bp at its June meeting will increase.

  Reason 1: US residents’ actual consumption Q1 may be better than expected.

The sharp fall in crude oil prices has led to global economic growth and the expected rapid decline. Against the background of the rapid expansion of the nominal growth rate in the United States, the actual annual salary growth rate has rebounded from negative growth to 1 in November last year.


The rebound in actual purchasing power of residents is expected to positively boost consumption growth in the next 3-6 months, so Q1 US residents ‘consumption is likely to be better than market expectations, and the overall US growth rate is expected to rise to 2 quarterly.

Above 0%, this provides support for the Fed to raise interest rates again.

  Reason two: The current interest rate level is still 1-2 times higher than the neutral interest rate we consider appropriate.

If we consider the potential growth rate of the US economy to be 1.

5% calculation, the inflation range is 1.

0% -2.

0% level, the nominal interest rate should be 2.

5% -3.

5% interval.

Develop current federal benchmark interest rate2.

25% -2.

At the 5% level, in theory, the Fed still has room to raise interest rates 1-2 times.

This also adds room for monetary policy in the next recession.

  Reason three: The continued growth of risk assets wiped out the haze of Q4 last year.

If it is said that the financial market is volatile, the growth of demand in China and Europe is a factor in which the Fed carefully considers austerity, then the current recovery in the financial market and the stabilization of demand in China and Europe will also be one of the reasons for the Fed’s return to the path of interest rate hikes.

  The downward revision of earnings expectations for US stocks is fully reflected in asset prices.

  Considering that the current market is not expecting the Fed to raise interest rates again this year, when the Fed chooses to raise interest rates again, there may be changes in asset prices that fluctuated in the previous period.

As of March 1, 2019, data show that in Q4 2018, S & P 500 corporate profits increased by 13.

1%, however, S & P expects corporate earnings growth to be revised down to -3 in the quarter of 2019.

2%, 0.

3%, 1.

9% and 8.

The 5% profit growth rate for fiscal year 2019 is expected to increase from 20 in fiscal year 2018.

0% fluorinated to 4.
  In addition, the downward revision of the bottom-up earnings forecast of the S & P 500 in the first two months of the first quarter reached the largest since Q1 2016, exceeding the average revision of the past 5 years, 10 years and 15 years.

However, such a significant downward revision of earnings expectations has not been fully reflected in asset prices.

The dynamic PE of the S & P 500 is 16 in the next 12 months.

2, still higher than the 10-year average of 14.

Therefore, we remain cautious on the subsequent US stock market trend.

  We maintain our view that the growth of peripheral risk assets is expected to continue to the end of Q1, but then gradually differentiated.

  Considering that the rise in risk appetite partially masks the significant downward revision of US stock earnings, we remain cautious about the subsequent trend of US stocks.

It reminds us to pay attention to the specific expressions of the Fed’s March and 4 meetings on interest rate hikes and schedule reductions.

The US dollar index may have strong pressure before Q2 (although it is expected to fall slightly overall in the long run, with an operating range of 98-92).

Under the downward trend of the global economy, the reversal of risk appetite requires close attention to the sustainability of this wave of rising global asset prices.

Fitness exercises condition female endocrine

Fitness exercises condition female endocrine

Of all the hormones, the female hormones have the greatest effect on women, which are mainly composed of progestins and estrogen.

The normal secretion of estrogen can maintain women’s health, and can also give birth to new life.

“If it fails, it may not only lead to irregular menstruation and reproductive disorders, it will make women emotionally nervous, and their weight will suddenly rise or fall.

  20% -30% of gynecological patients are hormonal disorders.

Endocrine problems, gynecological inflammation, and gynecological tumors are the three major types of diseases that cover the main consultation sites of outpatients in gynecology. Among them, endocrine problems replace 20% of the total population

Women are “controlled” by endocrine for a long time, so adjusting their normal secretion is almost a “work” of a lifetime.

  Experts explain that the so-called endocrine problems are actually “hormonal disorders”. Hormones, also known as hormones, are the general term for hormones that regulate the body’s balance in the human secretion system.

There are hundreds of different hormones in the human body, such as estrogen, insulin, etc., which are distributed in the body to help coordination between human organs and to regulate growth and development, reproduction and so on.

It not only causes women’s menstrual cycle, but also the basis of human health. Therefore, hormonal imbalances can lead to all kinds of diseases.