[How to make fried onion fritters on the street]_Friction method_How to fry

Recognize the hardships and sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, powers, and sorrows, “hydrogens, hydrogens, monsoons, and hooks, and chains, and chains, chains, chains, and chains.”閮戒細瑙夊緱姣旇緝楹荤儲锛屼富瑕佹槸鍥犱负杩欑椋熸潗闇€瑕佽繘琛屽拰闈紝鍜岄潰鐨勬柟娉曟槸姣旇緝楹荤儲鐨勶紝娌℃湁鍜屽ソ闈㈡槸褰卞搷钁辨补楗肩殑鍙f劅鐨勩€傚鏋滃ぇ瀹舵槸姣旇緝鍠滄鍚冩补鐐歌懕娌归ゼ 镄 嬶 麴 鏄  倲 浠 Yu 浜 呜 咫 嬮 嬮 嬠 嬬 岬 畛 镄 嬫 娉 囉 囪 纴 旋 村 ソ 镄 勬 彬 Hatch birch デ 銆 湔 湔 湔 唔 湔 雧You are so beautiful?50g 銆 人 姹 姘?25ml銆佹墜绮夐€傞噺銆佹按90ml銆佺洂10g銆佽儭妞掔矇8g銆佽懕鑺遍€傞噺銆佽壊鎷夋补閫傞噺銆備簩銆佹楠?.What’s the difference between you and me?50 grams of crepe board.What’s wrong with you?.灏嗕腑绛嬮潰绮夊€掑叆闈㈠寘妗跺唴.菲 湴 鐩 栦 笂 鐩 擧 瓙 卖 呮 呮 “Don’t be afraid to set up a chain hug 咴” 岞 3.鎻掔數锛岀劧鍚庢寜鑿滃崟閫夋嫨閿埌 鈥滃拰闈⑩€濋敭锛屽啀鎸夊紑濮嬮敭銆傦紙榛樿鍜岄潰鏃堕棿15鍒嗛挓锛?.鏈哄櫒宸茬粡寮€濮嬫悈鎷屽悗锛屽啀鎶婄儹姘存參鎱㈠姞鍏ワ紝鐩栦笂鏈虹洊锛岀户缁拰闈竴浼氥€?.鍒嗕袱娆℃參鎱㈠姞鍏ョ儹姘存媽鍖€鐨勯潰鍥€傛帴鐫€鍐嶅€掑叆鍐锋按锛屼箣鍚庡啀鐩栦笂鏈虹洊銆?.I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know what to do, I do n’t want to do it, I do n’t know what to do, I do n’t want to do it, I do n’t want to do it, I do n’t want to do it, I do n’t want to do it?.雜 岄 敞 敞 敞 替 呮 呮 垹 屾 垚 咯 庯 纴 閏 鮏 镞 Duo Xiu 嬸 妸 闱 ㈠ 洟 鎷 collapse 嚭 尽 皢 闱 ㈠ 愀 邀 悀 悀 暀20 闒 嗛 抓 銆?.銹 咚 咡 庪 庪 幪 黿 揿 紑 紑 紑 紑 經 擊 擊 尽 璢 雱 ㈠ 洟 鎟 湪 咲 湓 湁 黁 嬬 尬 蒙 尥 绛 璛 廛 尛 尴 尗 尗 尫 尾 尫 尾 尾 尾 尾 尾 尾 尾 尾 尾 氾 鏾 Cang CangWhat is it?.鐢ㄦ搥闈㈡潠鍘嬫潌闈㈠洟鏄浣欑┖姘旀帓鍑恒€傚啀灏嗛潰鍥㈠垎鎴?~4浠姐€?0.灏嗘瘡浠介潰鍥㈡弶鎷夋垚闀挎潯褰㈢姸鐨勯潰鍥紝鍐嶅垎鍓叉垚鎵€闇€瑕佺殑閲嶉噺銆?1.鍦ㄧ敤鎿€闈㈡潠灏嗛潰鍥㈡搥寮€鎴愪负鎵佸渾鐨勯潰鐨紝鍦ㄩ潰鐨笂鎶逛笂鑹叉媺娌癸紝鐩愶紝鑳℃绮夈€?2.鍗锋垚闀跨瓛鐘讹紝鍦ㄥ洿缁曟垚鍦嗗湀鐘讹紝娲掓墜绮夛紝鍘嬫墎锛屾搥钖勩€?3.閿呭唴鍒蜂笂涓€灞傛补锛屽紑鐏儳鐑€傛妸鎿€濂界殑钁辨补楗兼斁鍏ョ厧銆備袱闈㈠悇鐓庨粍锛屽嚭棣欏懗鍚庡嚭閿咃紝鍒囧ソ瑁呯洏銆?

[Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening practice]_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening is a common practice_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening Encyclopedia_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening How to do

[Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening practice]_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening is a common practice_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening Encyclopedia_Hollow Qifeng Cake 8-inch thickening

There is no difficulty in cooking, I’m afraid of those who care.

Many office workers are busy working every day and have no time to cook. The cooking skills are also getting worse and worse. The method of thickening the hollow Qifeng cake 8 inches is extremely simple. It can be easily prepared after coming home from work.Rice, it’s really a great treat in the world.

1. Egg separation!

The egg white and egg white buckets must be dry and free of moisture. The egg whites should be kept in the refrigerator for later use.

2, low-gluten flour and corn starch should be weighed.

3. Spread low-gluten corn starch three times.

4, milk and corn oil should be weighed.

5. Make egg yolk paste with vanilla extract, salt, granulated sugar, and beat with an eggbeater.

6. On the left is the mixed egg yolk paste. Start adding milk and beat with an eggbeater. Add the corn oil three times and beat while mixing.

7. The mixed egg yolk paste looks like this.

8. Start adding the low-gluten flour that has been sprinkled three times and add it in three times. You can use an eggbeater to rotate at a low speed for about tens of seconds.

9, this is the state of low-speed mixing with an egg beater, using a rubber spatula to scrape the surrounding powder clean and stir evenly.

10. Stir the egg yolk paste evenly. Lift it with a rubber spatula and drop the one that has lines.

11, start egg whites, take out the refrigerated egg white bucket from the refrigerator and add lemon juice for 1 minute at high speed.

12, when curved grooves and coarse bubbles appear, add fine sugar to hit the high speed until the curved groove time 1 minute turn to low speed in 1 minute.

13. The egg white at this time should be a very delicate type, and the curved groove obviously does not drop the bucket.

14. The oven preheating starts at 150 ° for 10 minutes.

With a thermometer, it is best to display 150 °!

15. Start making cake batter!

Take the egg whites and mix in the yolk paste.

Note that the method is to turn evenly up and down.

16. This is what it looks like.

17, the yellow and white mix up and down and turn into a color.

18. This is the first time you turn the egg yolk paste.

19, pour just the egg yolk paste into egg white and continue to stir evenly.

20, this kind of cake has a texture.

21, pour into the mold from a height of 15 cm, so as to defoam.

22, shake a few shakes, shake the cake paste is almost uniform, and then use a toothpick to draw a Z-shaped defoaming.

23, the standard cake paste is like this, the surface is already very smooth!

24. The cake paste is ready!

The oven temperature is also reached and the mold is placed in the oven.

25. Finally set the oven temperature to 150 ° for 40 minutes.

The thermometer shows the complete cooking process at 140 °.

This is how it will bake for 20 minutes.

Cracking started after 26 or 30 minutes.

27. It’s time to poke it with a toothpick without sticking!

28, immediately cool down on the buckle grid for 3 hours and demold!

29, 30 minutes to see if it is flat with the mold, but can not be demolded, turn it back to continue the buckle, this cake has shown success!30. Decorate to see if the height reaches 7 cm.

31, and see if its height is cute!

32. The front of the cake cracked and retracted to the normal position is smooth and smooth.

33. The bottom is smooth and not wet or sticky.

34. The cut cake can be eaten!

This cake is fluffy and delicious and is praised by the family.

35, put in a box and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

The hollow Qifeng cake is 8 inches thicker. When cooking this dish, pay attention to the seasoning. Do not add too much salt in the soy sauce, otherwise it will affect the taste.

[How to make dried rabbit buns]_ Common practice of dried rabbit buns _ Practice of dried rabbit buns _ How to make dried rabbit buns

[How to make dried rabbit buns]_ Common practice of dried rabbit buns _ Practice of dried rabbit buns _ How to make dried rabbit buns

Have you become accustomed to a dependent life, and have you lost a lot of your abilities?

At least for most people, the ability to cook is now lost.

If you want to be Almighty, you certainly don’t want to be like this.

So, please ask me now to learn how to make dried roast rabbit.


Wash the rabbit meat, chop it into diced rabbits, add salt, chicken essence, and taste the cooking wine for 10 minutes.


Wash the green peppers, celery, and shallots and cut into sections.


Wash the ginger, garlic, and dried peppers and cut them aside.

Wash the pepper and set aside.


Open the fire, heat the wok with vegetable oil, stir in the ginger, garlic, dried peppers, peppercorns, and stir-fry.


Add buns and stir fry.


Add spicy sauce and stir fry.


After adding soy sauce and mix well, add a small amount of water and continue to burn.


Add soy sauce and mix well, add a small amount of water, and continue to boil for 15 minutes.


Let the soup dry.


Add green peppers, celery, green onions and stir fry for 2 minutes, add chicken essence and mix well.


Turn off the fire and load the plate.

After reading the detailed methods of dried roasted rabbits, are you already aware of it?

Then, please use your amateur practice to start the actual combat.

Believe that with your ingenuity, it doesn’t take long to make this dish.

[How to make baby banana porridge]_Baby_How to make

[How to make baby banana porridge]_Baby_How to make

Many parents do n’t know that babies can also eat some complementary foods, so that they can ingest more of their own nutrients, and they will not have malnutrition again. The most common is banana porridge. This porridge isIt can have the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying and purging the bowels. Try to cut it into very small pieces and cook it, so that the taste will be better when you eat it.


Peel the banana, peel off the tendons, and cut into diced.


The rice was previously washed, soaked in cold water for half an hour, removed, and drained.


Take the pan and add cold water. Before the rice, boil it with high heat, then use low heat to cook. When the porridge is ready, add diced banana and rock sugar, and cook for a while, then you can serve it.

Egg yolk banana porridge recipe ingredients: 1 cooked egg yolk; 1/4 banana; 3 spoons of rice; 1/2 cup of water Production method: 1. Crush the egg yolk and crush the banana into mud.

2. Boil the egg yolk, banana, rice and water together.

Applicable people: baby health tips for 4-6 months need to pay attention that although the eggs are good, they should not be eaten more.

A healthy adult eats one egg per day.

Children, adolescents and seniors can eat 2?
3 eggs.

The way to eat eggs should be boiled or steamed.

Because frying, frying and other practices will destroy the nutritional ingredients in the eggs.

In addition, when the eggs are pickled to make salted chicken, the calcium content will increase about 10 times.

raw material:.

Nine-system Chenpi, banana, rice, rock sugar practice: 1.

Wash and add water to the rice, chop the rind, add to high heat and boil. Turn to low heat and cook until thick.

Add rock sugar 3.

Add the banana after the rock sugar has melted. Boil it a little. Ingredients: rice 50?
100 grams, 200 grams of bananas, honey.

Production: Wash the rice, cook the porridge in a casserole, cook to about 600 ml, cut the skin of the banana into small pieces, put it in the porridge, and add honey to cook the porridge together. After cooling, eat on an empty stomach.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and intestines and purging.

Previous rice: Previous rice can improve human immune function, promote blood circulation and reduce the chance of hypertension; existing rice can prevent diseases such as diabetes, beriberi, senile plaque and constipation; existing coarse fiber of rice bran layerMolecules, which help digestion and peristalsis, have a good effect on stomach diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and so on.

Bananas: Bananas are high in nutrition and low in transition, making them a good nutritious food.

It contains protein, sugar, starch, pectin, various vitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Bananas have intestinal laxative, lungs and cough, clearing heat and detoxifying, helping digestion and nourishing.

Banana vitamin D can effectively maintain the health of the skin and hair, and is very effective for the cracking of the skin of fingers, hands and feet, and it can also make the skin smooth and smooth.

The fruit that best meets nutritional standards and can add smile to human bones is banana. It contains pantothenic acid and other ingredients. It is a happy hormone of the human body, which can relieve psychological stress, eliminate depression, and make people happy.

Eating bananas before going to bed has a calming effect.

Banana can prevent stroke and hypertension, lower blood pressure and protect blood vessels.

Cobos (603486) quarterly commentary: foundry business continues to adjust Q3 performance is less than expected

Cobos (603486) quarterly commentary: foundry business continues to adjust Q3 performance is less than expected
Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the first three quarters achieved revenue of 34.4.5 billion a year-8.18%, net profit attributable to mother 1.01 trillion, one year -64.81%; corresponding to Q3 income 10.1.7 billion a year-17.18%, net profit attributable to mother-0.3 billion yuan -137 per year.99%.  The sweeping robot industry is highly competitive, and the foundry business continues to adjust.3 The decline in revenue further expanded month-on-month, and the foundry business continued to adjust.According to the Q1-Q3 service robot ODM business mentioned in the quarterly report, the cleaning small home appliance OEM business has been repeatedly -87.8%, -16.A simple measurement of 1% shows that the company’s own brand has changed slightly in the first three quarters of the first half of the year. The long-term industry has experienced rapid growth after 18 years of high growth. The replacement of Xiaomi and Stone brands has intensified competition.According to Tmall data, the industry’s recent sales have improved, and the average price of the Cobos brand and other brands has gradually distanced itself, and there has 杭州夜网论坛 been a recovery of online growth.  Expansion of channels at home and abroad, new technology research and development costs increased the company’s gross profit margin in 19Q3, and net profit margin of 37.12% and -2.98%, at least -0.63, -9.50pct.From the perspective of expenses, the company’s sales, management, R & D, and financial expense ratios were +6 each time in 19Q3.59, +1.91, + 2.04, +1.11 points.The sales expense ratio increased significantly. The company continued to expand its international and domestic offline businesses, and its advertising and marketing expenses and employee expenses increased.The substantial increase in research and development costs comes from the company’s continuous increase in the layout of the service robot forward-looking technology, which will further enhance the company’s core competitiveness in the future.The increase in financial expenses was mainly due to the decrease in exchange gains and the increase in cash discounts during the period.  Looking at the balance sheet and prolonging the operating period of the previous period, from the balance sheet, monetary funds + other current assets at the end of the 19Q3 period were 8.7.7 billion, a decrease of 0 from H1.5.3 billion; accounts receivable + notes 6.8.5 billion, a decrease of 0 from the previous month.8.2 billion a year -5.74%; inventory 12.8 billion, an increase of 1 from the previous month.8.8 billion, -12 every year.74%.In terms of turnover, the company’s 19Q1-Q3 inventory and receivables turnover days were +33 for decades.42 days, +15.24 days, business cycle increased by 48.66 days, extended business cycle.From the cash flow statement, Q3 net cash flow from operating activities was -0.US $ 9.7 billion, of which Q3 cash inflow of goods sold and labor services provided -17.33%, a decrease of 17 from Q2.89%.  Investment suggestion: As the industry leader of sweeping robots, while maintaining domestic leading rails, the company will promote the overall technological upgrading of the industry and vigorously develop overseas markets.In the long run, the company still has potential in the future through vigorous expansion in research and development.Considering the continuous adjustment of the company’s foundry business and the vertical growth rate of sweeping robot products affected by the general environment, based on the three quarterly report, we estimate that the net profit for 19-21 will be 3.16, 4.20, 5.2.6 billion (previous value was 5.5, 7.0, 8.7 ppm), the current sustainable corresponding 19-19 year dynamic estimate is 40.0x, 30.1x, 24.0x, maintaining the “overweight” level.  Risk warning: raw material prices fluctuate, and overseas business development is less than expected.

Hikvision (002415): Third-quarter revenue and profit increase by half a year

Hikvision (002415): Third-quarter revenue and profit increase by half a year

The company released third-quarter results: January to September 2019, with revenue of 398.

390,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

86%, net profit attributable to shareholders 天津夜网 of the company is 80.

27 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

54%, performance is in line with expectations.

  Operating analysis Revenue and profit have increased year-on-year, and operating conditions have improved quarter by quarter.

In the third quarter, it achieved revenue of 159 in a single quarter.

15 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

12%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the company is 38.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

31%. The revenue and profit in the third quarter exceeded the increase in the second quarter. The expense ratio in Q3 was 24%, which was a significant improvement over the 27% in Q1 and 26% in Q2. On the whole, the situation has gradually improved.

Gross profit margin reached 46 in the third quarter.

61%, compared with 45 in the same period last year.

57% has improved.

Initially, the PBG business is gradually picking up, and the EBG business continues to have supplementary needs. The combination of sensors such as vision and radar has created new applications in the transportation and other fields, thereby gradually improving the company’s management level.

Overseas revenue has gradually stabilized, domestic demand has gradually picked up, and innovative business has been driven. It is expected to be positive in the fourth quarter.

The company foresees that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2019 will be 5-20%. According to the predicted median value, the fourth quarter net profit will be 47.

95 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.


Affected by the Sino-U.S. Trade friction and the United States’ merger of entities, the company ‘s overseas revenues have improved, US revenues have continued to be replaced, and Turkey ‘s sanctions have also been affected. Overall, overseas revenues have stabilized.

We believe that domestic demand is gradually improving, PBG is expected to progress steadily in the fourth quarter, and the rapid growth of EBG business is expected to continue, especially some new demand, such as waste separation monitoring, ETC, etc., SMBG business is expected to gradually recover, fluorite businessThe profit of the robotics business is expected to continue to increase, and other innovative businesses such as automotive electronics and storage business are growing rapidly. At the same time, the company is actively managing this expense. The decline in the expense ratio is very obvious. We expect the fourth quarter performance to be positive.

Some U.S. suppliers have begun to supply products, and the influence has gradually expanded. R & D investment has continued to expand to meet the new changes in the 5G era.

At present, some American suppliers have begun to supply products, such as Ambar chips and hard disk suppliers. The impact of the ban on upstream raw materials is gradually decreasing. The company is actively storing some key imported raw materials and is actively developing new solutions.

The company continued to increase R & D funding, with R & D expenses in the first three quarters of 40%.

07 million yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

2%, accounting for 10 of the revenue.


We believe that in the short term, the company will be affected by trade frictions and factors included in the entity list. However, in the medium and long term, the company’s business layout is solid and the channels are sinking step by step. It is moving from a comprehensive security service provider to a video-centric one.IoT solution provider.

In the 5G era, driven by AI, high-definition video surveillance and emerging needs, the security industry will renew its vitality and vitality. As a global security leader, the company helps to actively benefit.

  Investment recommendations predict that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 130.


2 and 188.

300 million, the EPS is 1.

39, 1.

67, 2.

01 yuan, the current price corresponding to PE is 21.

7, 18.

2, 15.1 times.

We give the company a 25x estimate for 2020, maintain a “Buy” rating, and raise our target price to 41.

75 yuan.

  Risks Sino-US trade frictions are merged into the physical list, competition is further intensified, and AI and Ultra HD penetration is not up to expectations.

Guadi San treats typhoid fever


Guadi San treats typhoid fever

[Composition]One portion of Guaidi (boiled yellow) and one piece of red adzuki bean.

Take 3 grams per serving, take 9 grams of citron, use 700 ml of hot soup, cook as a thin paste, remove the simmer, take the juice and powder, and take it in Wenton.

Those who do not vomit, add less, and have to vomit quickly.[Indications](1) Treatment of stroke sputum, salivation, madness and upset, personnel drowsiness, five-toed sputum, and fire and gas rush, the throat can not breathe, eatFill the yin, can’t vomit.

  (2) Typhoid fever is like a Guizhi card, the head does not hurt, the item is not strong, the pulse is slightly floating, the chest is hard, and the throat can not breathe, and the chest has cold, and it should be vomited.

  (3) also governs all yellow and yellow.

  [Fang Yi](1) The sputum food in the chest is different from those who are annoyed. The more the bitterness of Guadi, the acid of red adzuki beans, and the spit out of the scorched tangible objects, the water will be smooth, and the world will pass through.

  (2) When vomiting and weak stomach, use ginseng.

How to deal with summer dermatitis?

How to deal with “summer dermatitis”?

The beginning of summer means the coming of summer, which is a period of high incidence of common skin diseases such as summer dermatitis.
How can we prevent summer dermatitis?
Xiaobian gives you tips: sweating leads to high summer “summer dermatitis” is a common skin disease that occurs in summer.
The onset of this dermatitis is mainly related to the hot summer weather and increased perspiration of the human body.
  Sweating is the main way for the body to dissipate heat in summer. Sweat contains a large amount of metabolic waste from human tissues. Most of these metabolic wastes are acidic, such as urea, uric acid, lactic acid, sodium chloride, etc., and they will produce a chemical inflammation reaction with the skin.Causes capillary expansion and inflammatory cell aggregation in the skin, which leads to the occurrence of dermatitis.
  Sweating areas are often prone to dermatitis, such as the neck, extremities of the limbs, and the trunk, especially the lower limbs are most common, and they are often symmetrical and irregular in shape.
Summer dermatitis will initially appear as red plaques, with small papules and papules covered with dense patches, and there may also be raised wind-like lesions.
Patients will feel itching violently, and often suffer from scratches, hemorrhoids, and pigmentation because of repeated scratching.
When itching is severe, it is also easy to make people upset, irritable, chest tightness, appetite decline, poor sleep and other performance.
  Experts say that the biggest feature of summer dermatitis is that it is closely related to temperature.
The weather is cool and the itching will naturally be reduced.
For most patients, dermatitis can be cured after the fall and cold, but it will often recur in the coming year. If it is not treated in time, the condition will be repeated many times, and the skin of the affected area will thicken.
  Summer dermatitis is not necessarily after sunburn. Many people think that summer dermatitis is caused by excessive sun exposure, so sunscreen products are often used to prevent summer dermatitis.
  Experts, this is the wrong way for patients to habitually equate summer dermatitis with solar dermatitis.
Patients often feel that dermatitis develops due to intense sunlight in the summer.
In fact, the dermatitis caused by intense sunlight may not be summer dermatitis. There is a difference between summer dermatitis and solar dermatitis.
  As a photosensitive skin disease, solar dermatitis is skin inflammation caused by excessive sunlight.
High incidence in spring and summer, and more common in children and women.
The degree of response varies with the light intensity, time, range, environment, skin tone, and constitution.
Solar dermatitis usually occurs 2 to 10 hours after sun exposure.
The skin will show diffuse bright red spots with burning or tingling sensations. In severe cases, in addition to erythematous swelling, pimples, blisters, erosions, crusting, desquamation, and pigmentation will appear.
If the area is large, it may cause fever, headache, insomnia, fatigue, nausea and other systemic symptoms.
Some people may have conjunctival congestion and puffy eyelids.
  To prevent solar dermatitis, the most important thing is to avoid scorching sun and take sun protection outdoors.
At the same time, under the guidance of a doctor, nicotinamide, β-carotene, and B vitamins can be taken.
  However, if summer dermatitis patients use ointment for treating dermatitis in the affected area, it is not appropriate to apply sunscreen at the same place.
Because sunscreens are mostly chemical preparations, they are prone to chemical reactions with anti-inflammatory ointments. Frequent use will aggravate the symptoms of dermatitis.
  The use of toilet water is not effective to prevent sensitization. After hot weather, many people are accustomed to using toilet water in large quantities to avoid mosquito bites or to eliminate sweat.
However, excessive use of toilet water may cause allergic symptoms such as itching.
Therefore, the use of toilet water should be appropriate to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions.
  Experts said that especially after getting summer dermatitis, applying toilet water not only can not treat dermatitis, but also the “Imenin” component may further stimulate the skin, cause allergies, and aggravate the symptoms of skin inflammation.
  If you have summer dermatitis, first avoid drinking alcohol and avoid foods that are easy to cause allergies and irritation.
Rinse the affected area frequently with water, not hot water or strong alkaline soap.
After washing, use a dry, soft towel to gently dry and apply some cool antipruritic or antipruritic tincture containing hormones. Avoid rubbing or scratching the skin repeatedly with a towel.
Once the skin is damaged, it should be used in time.
If itching is severe, go to the hospital in time.
  The treatment of summer dermatitis requires both external and internal medication.
Can be externally coated with solutions containing boric acid, zinc oxide, such as 3% boric acid solution, calamine lotion, zinc oxide lotion, etc., while taking oral antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine or karitan.However, it should be noted that anti-allergic drugs should not be taken in large doses for a long period of time, otherwise the drugs should be replaced and re-doing, which will cause adverse reactions.

  The initial summer dermatitis of traditional Chinese medicine, followed by the internal clearing of heat, and the external cooling of heat, the principle of Tongzhi on the inside and the outside, the effect is better.

  Early prevention needs to start from six aspects. Experts point out that summer dermatitis is prone to recurrence. To prevent it, it is acceptable to start from the following aspects: First, it is not advisable to wear airtight underwear, and it is best to wear cotton or linenNatural clothes.

  Second, you can often wash the affected area with warm and cool water, and do not wash the affected area with hot water in order to relieve itching.

  Third, drink plenty of water in summer, and not drink sugary drinks. Drinking more water can replace the chemical components in sweat.

  Fourth, stay in a cool and ventilated place as much as possible in high-temperature weather, and avoid repeated trips.

When going out, it is best to use black umbrellas for shading on cloudy and sunny days, because black can absorb ultraviolet rays of various wavelengths to block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

  Fifth, many foods and plants can also suffer from summer dermatitis, such as barley soup, mung bean soup, barley tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle and so on.

You can also use fresh fragrant incense, fresh Peilan decoction for tea.

  Sixth, you can use the air conditioner to dehumidify during the sweltering season to prevent the body from sweating too much.

5 skills to help children learn

5 skills to help children learn

Small things such as writing and flipping books are inevitably encountered by children when they are studying, but if they are to do well, it is not easy for kindergarten children. Children need to have considerable levels of large and small muscles to be competent.

Some children’s development in this area is relatively backward, which will affect children’s progress in learning.

Because there is only one child in the family, under normal circumstances, parents are often not very sensitive to the development of this ability, but school teachers are often able to make more accurate judgments.

  Of course, the development of some children’s athletic abilities appears to be a little behind for a while. Parents need not be nervous and exercise in time. Sooner or later, they will catch up with other children’s development.

Except very few children may need to see a doctor.

Parents should still pay attention to developing their children’s large and small muscles.

Listed below are five important basic skills that five-year-old children should be. Parents can help their children to practice in a targeted manner according to their specific circumstances: * Holding a pen, writing with scissors or painting with crayonsIt seems that every child attending kindergarten will do it. Because of this ability requires a series of complex sensory and memory skills to support, some children still have difficulty mastering.

If you want your child to have a good pen and scissors, they must do more exercises.

Parents can arrange their children to do some fun exercises.

For example, prepare a nice little tweezers for your child, ask him to try to insert beans in large and small bowls, or cut small straw sticks with scissors, etc. The child may be more interested.

  * Shooting and catching the ball is a bit weird. Songsong only has a ping-pong ball, which is still given by his good friend Liangliang.

Songsong’s father once said that my son is not expected to be an athlete in the future, so there is no need to waste time playing ball.

In fact, no matter if the child has the hope of becoming the next Yao Ming in the future, he still needs to practice patting and catching the ball, because the child needs to develop basic “hand-eye coordination” and reaction skills.

The most effective way to reach the goal is to practice, practice, and practice again, which can better establish a memory connection between brain responses and muscle movements.

You know, many sports stars also practiced this way.

  * Press the button and use the zipper. A few years ago, clothes needed to be buttoned and shoes needed to be laced. Children’s fine motor skills can often be exercised in daily life.

But nowadays children’s clothing is very convenient to put on and take off. There are many clothes that do not need to be fastened.

However, you can also exercise by putting on and taking off your clothes.

If some little boys think it’s too “naive” to do this, let him put on his favorite big animal toys for children.

Parents can also consciously wear buttons with buckles (buttons are also acceptable), clothes with zippers (tops), and shoes that need laces, so that children have more opportunities to exercise small muscles and improve their ability to take care of themselves.
  * Jigsaw puzzles, there are too many in Songsong’s home, from a few pieces to a box of thousands to a box, the patterns are more varied and colorful, because Songsong ‘s father thinks this is a kind of developmental intelligencegame.

From the perspective of developing children’s motor skills, it does not mean that the more blocks a child can fight, the more complicated the pattern, the better.

Here, the purpose of the puzzle is clear: while developing children’s short-term memory and long-term memory, improve the child’s ability to use small muscles for fine movement and spatial skills.

Just use those simple puzzles.

  * Walking in a straight line, practicing balance and maintaining body balance is also an important part of developing motor skills, and there are a lot of activities in children’s games that require body balance.

Parents should know that children aged five or six already know how to compare with other children.

If he can’t do well and can’t stand up, he will feel very shameless.

However, the ability to balance is not something that can be practiced at once. Parents can consciously look for opportunities to practice the golden rooster’s independent movements with their children.

For example, draw a straight line at home to practice balance, to practice the golden rooster independently at a certain point, or to step on the steps with your toes.

Parents should not be rushed. After prolonged practice, the child will definitely improve.

  A few tips: * Activities to exercise small muscles include: paper cutting, masonry, origami, painting, weaving, playing, building blocks, inserting pieces, playing marbles, turning the rope, etc.

  * Exercise exercises for big muscles include: skipping rope, climbing, throwing, jumping on one foot, walking and running alternately.

  * The relationship between left hand and development: Which hand the child prefers to use is manifested at the age of 2.

Related research suggests that from a congenital perspective, a child’s motor skill development level is not necessarily related to whether he prefers to use his left hand or his right hand.

Some children with left-handed movements are not neat enough. In fact, the real reason is that the items he uses are designed for dominant and right-handed people.

Parents can provide their children with the right appliances, even if they can’t, it’s okay. Don’t force them to change their dominant hand.

Because the facts show that no matter whether the dominant hand is left or right, children can also develop well.

Exercise and fitness

Exercise and fitness

More and more investigations have proved that exercise is closely related to improving sexual life.
Foreign medical and sexology experts believe that exercise can enhance “sexual interest”, the main reason is: affinity Because you often exercise, you will feel good health.
This can promote intimacy between couples, and intimate behavior will be more sexually stimulating and sexually motivated.
When you are over 40, exercise can help you reach the “second peak in physiological libido.”
  Self-love. Most men and women who exercise regularly have not only a healthy body, but also an enviable body shape.
Therefore, you will like yourself more.
Because good shape indicates that the various systems of your body are operating normally.
At this time, your sexual ability, rhythm and frequency are also normal, and your psychological intentions and effects are good.
This is because once you pay attention to the fitness of your body, you tend to love yourself more, and at the same time, when your spouse is more fit through exercise, you will also love her (him) more.
  协调性 运动生理学家认为,锻炼带来的一系列生理变化之所以能引发性生活中的“第二春”,是因为身体各系统通过锻炼后,能激发性激素与性气味的释放,从而更好To coordinate sexual life.
  In addition to self-confidence, exercise can promote physiological functions such as the heart.It can also enhance exercisers’ self-confidence.
Anthropologist Vuitton’s survey of female swim enthusiasts showed that after months of exercise, their sexual desire increased significantly and sexual satisfaction was easier to obtain.
  Happiness Scientific research confirms that the body releases a magical endorphin substance during exercise.
This substance has an excitatory effect, is good for triggering sexual impulses, and makes it easier for people to enter orgasm.
Therefore, it is necessary for couples to do some exercises beforehand.
  Blood gas related experts believe that insufficient blood gas supply will weaken the male genital erectile function.
In addition, people with high levels of cholesterol in the body are injected into the bloodstream due to the obstruction of blood flow, which limits the amount of blood supply to the sexual area and organs, and insufficient blood supply can cause male impotence.
People who exercise regularly can lower their cholesterol, so few of them will have arterial embolism.
Exercise promotes blood circulation throughout the body, including the pelvic area and the sexual organs, and therefore improves sexual life “indirectly”.
  Capability Most experts in sexual studies believe that exercise increases physical vitality.
Even for some outdoor activities with a small amount of exercise, it can also significantly increase muscle strength, organ function and joint flexibility, so that sexual activities and sexual processes are full of romantic interest.
In addition, the sexual process also requires a certain amount of physical strength, and exercise enhances people’s endurance. Even mild exercise, 3 times a week, 1 hour each time, can effectively increase the amount of body and pit fatigue, so that you are in bedIt has a more lasting and agile, active, slow-moving taste.
  The effect of exercise on promoting sexual vitality is obvious and subtle, but the amount of exercise must be moderate, and a reasonable amount of exercise can bring about an improvement in sexual life.
Expert advice: Exercise 3 times a week.
30-60 minutes each time, it is advisable to moderate the amount of exercise, the exercise mode can be changed at any time.
If you exercise too strictly and vigorously, it will cause fatigue and decrease of “sexual interest”.