[How to make a soft bun]_How to do_How to do

[How to make a soft bun]_How to do_How to do

Head is a very common food. Some people think that making steamed bread is a very simple thing, but they will find that in the process of doing it yourself, there will be various problems.

After the head is made, the taste is not as soft and delicious as imagined.

In the production process, the most prone to novices is that the buns don’t feel soft, but they feel hard.

1. Flour flour Flour is mainly divided into high-gluten, medium-gluten and low-gluten flour. Chinese-style pasta is generally used with medium-gluten flour.

The bulk flour that is generally not marked in supermarkets is medium-gluten flour.

2, the technique of baking old noodles: traditional hand-made steamed buns, fermented with old noodles.

The old noodle is the last noodle left after the last steamed bun.

Make the old noodles with water, add alkali, and knead with flour.

In terms of dosage, generally 500 grams of flour and 80 grams of old noodles, add 3-5 grams of alkali.

Yeast Powder: This is simple and easy to do for novices.

500 grams of flour, add 5 grams of yeast powder.

Yeast powder is best not directly added to the flour, first use warm water and then add to the flour to ensure uniformity.

3, the best temperature for noodles is about 30 degrees, so warm water and noodles are generally used, about 30, 40 degrees, winter water temperature can be appropriately higher.

The ratio of flour to water is generally 2: 1, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the collective situation.

In addition, adding a small amount of lard when making noodles will make the buns whiter and more fragrant.

Adding sugar can promote fast fermentation of dough.

Add some salt to make the noodles more glutinous!

4. After kneading the dough, smooth it, cover it with a damp cloth for proofing for about 1 hour, and the dough will be swollen and elastic.

If the noodles don’t turn out, you can dig a hole in the middle of the dough, pour a small glass of white wine, and let it stand for 10 minutes, and the noodles will start.

5. After putting the steamed buns on the steamer, don’t open the fire first, and then let it stand for half an hour for the second fermentation.

Then boil it in cold water, put an appropriate amount of salt or orange peel in the water, the salt causes the steamed bread to ferment, and the orange peel makes the steamed bread fragrant.

The steamed buns will turn yellow after steaming. You can add some vinegar to the water and steam the buns for 10 minutes. The buns will turn white.

6. When adding beer and noodles, half of the amount of water is replaced by beer. The enzyme in beer can further ferment the steamed bread, which is especially soft after steaming.

[Dry fried cumin chicken wings]_How to do_How to do

[Dry fried cumin chicken wings]_How to do_How to do

I believe everyone has eaten such things as chicken wings. This is a kind of food with high nutritional value, and the practice of chicken wings is also very many, including the method of dry fried cumin chicken wings. In fact, we are inWhen eating chicken wings, there are certain requirements to replace the raw materials of chicken wings, otherwise the fried chicken wings will not taste very delicious, so what is the method of dry fried cumin chicken wings?

The main ingredients required to make cumin fried chicken wings are: 350 grams of chicken wings, auxiliary materials: 150 grams of potatoes (yellow peel), seasoning: 15 grams of old soy sauce, 10 grams of raw soy sauce, 30 grams of honey, 10 grams of cumin, and chili powder 5G.

The specific method is: chicken wings washed and drained, ginger slices, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, pepper, oyster sauce marinated to taste.

(It is best to marinate for more than 4 hours. If not, chop the chicken wings or pierce small holes on one side for easy flavor.)

Put the potato slices on the bottom of the dish, and put all the marinated chicken wings on the potato chips; heat the pan with oil, heat the oil, add the chicken wings, fry until the chicken wings are golden on both sides, add a small bowl of water, and submerge the chicken wingsJust half, cover the pot, simmer for about 15 minutes; sprinkle with cumin grains, cumin powder, paprika, cooked white sesame seeds, and fry until the surface of the chicken wings is completely dry.

In addition, there are some tips and tricks in making: cooking chicken wings is to ensure that the chicken wings can be cooked thoroughly.

If you are willing to put in the oil, put more in step 2 so that the oil can completely accumulate the chicken wings, and then directly fry the chicken wings with medium and low heat.

Drain the water thoroughly before putting the seasoning.

Finally, stir-fry before cooking. The surface of the chicken wings should be as dry as possible.

When seasoning, mix cumin powder with cumin grains to make it more fragrant.

Strong waist and stomach chicken wings contain a large amount of collagen and elastin that can strengthen blood vessels and skin, which are effective for blood vessels, skin and internal organs.

The wings contain a lot of vitamin A, far more than green peppers.

It is necessary for vision, growth, epithelial tissue and bone development, sperm production and oxide growth and development.

The outer skin of fresh chicken wings is bright white or beige in color, and is rich in luster, with residual hairs and hair roots. The meat is elastic and has a special taste of chicken.

[Does eating kelp hurt more?

]_Diet attention_affect

[Does eating kelp hurt more?
]_Diet attention_affect

Kelp is a very nutritious ingredient. It grows in the sea and absorbs the essence of the ocean. A large number of mineral elements can bring great supplements to the body. Therefore, eating kelp is very good for your health.

However, due to the very high salt content of kelp, some people worry that eating too much will bring impurities to the body. Let ‘s take a look at the disadvantages of eating kelp often.

One, the disadvantages of eating kelp? Kelp ca n’t be used as a staple food. There is no harm in eating kelp, but you should pay attention to the fact that kelp cannot be used as a staple food for a long time.Causes poisoning.

Kelp should not be soaked for a long time. The soaking time of kelp is too long, and the nutrients contained in it are easily dissolved in water, which will cause the nutritional value of kelp itself to decrease.

Second, the benefits of eating kelp: eating kelp to prevent thyroid disease iodine is an important component of thyroxine. Once the body lacks iodine and the function of the thyroid is damaged, it will cause thyroid disease, which is commonly known as “big neck disease””.

The content of iodine in 1000 grams of kelp is about 5 grams, and eating kelp often is good for preventing thyroid disease.

Eating kelp Anti-radiation kelp contains a substance called kelp colloid, which is a nemesis of radiation. Often people who eat computers or other electronic products eat more kelp, which can quickly remove the radiation that invades the human body.Substances to avoid more radiation damage.

In addition to iodine, kelp is rich in potassium. The interaction between potassium and excess sodium in the body can eliminate excess water in the body, help eliminate edema, and have the ability to lose weight.

From a health point of view, it is best not to consume more than 50 grams per day for adults, it is advisable to consume 15 to 50 grams, and children should halve.

It is also reminded that the kelp must be washed before eating it. It is best to wash it with rinsing. At the same time, because the kelp contains impurities, it is best to soak it for 24 hours before cooking. This is more in line with national food hygiene.standard.

Daqin Railway (601006): Earnings and profit are basically flat

Daqin Railway (601006): Earnings and profit are basically flat

Event: The company announced the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved operating income of 598 in the first three quarters.

72 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 120.

880,000 yuan, down 2 every year.

57%; net profit of non-return to mother is 120.

76 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.


Q3 achieved operating income of 196.

0.6 billion, down 3 every year.

45%; net profit attributable to mother 40.

48 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.


Thermal power demand is not strong, overlapping and overhaul are ahead of schedule, and the transportation volume of the Daqin Line declined in the third quarter.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s core operating assets, the Daqin Line, gradually completed the front end of cargo transportation volume of 32348, a decrease of 4.

73%, mainly due to the weak demand for coal for downstream thermal power.

Among them, affected by the typhoon weather and September Daqin line maintenance overdue period, the Daqin line completed 10529 errors in the third quarter, a decrease of 7.

81%; annual decline in freight volume led to a decrease in operating income in the first three quarters2.


With the arrival of the coal season in the fourth quarter and the completion of overhauls in advance, the growth rate of the fourth quarter will accelerate and improve, and gradually the freight volume is expected to achieve 4

300 million tons.

The cost of overhaul led to a decline in gross profit margin, and the decline in financial costs led to a decline in the expense ratio during the period.

The company’s operating costs increased in the first three quarters of 20194.

5%, higher than 2.

62% revenue growth, affecting the decline in gross profit margin1.

36pct, gross margin for the first three quarters was 25.

46%, the decline in gross profit is expected to be related to the overhaul ahead of schedule.

But the company’s financial expenses are zero.

91 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 55%, mainly due to the increase in interest income from bank deposits.

Period expenses1.

1%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

36 points.

The distribution of the Haoji-Jilin Railway is generally controllable, benefiting from the “Outline of Building a Strong Country for Transportation”.

On September 28, the Haoji Railway was officially opened to traffic. From the perspective of railway lines, the degree of overlap of major sources of goods, and the price comparison (the actual freight price of the Haoji Railway is higher 青岛夜网 than expected), the distribution of the Haoji Railway to the Daqin Railway is generally controllable.

After the Daqin Railway increased its capital to the Haoji Railway, the shareholding ratio reached 10%, becoming its fourth largest shareholder, and it will contribute incremental investment income to the company in the long run.

In addition, the “Outline of the Construction of a Powerful Country for Transportation” clearly proposes to further promote the increase of the proportion of “transit railways”, and the company will benefit from the promotion of “transit railways”.

Investment suggestion: Against the background of stable supply and demand of public transit iron and coal, the company’s performance is highly certain, and it is expected to maintain a 50% dividend rate.

The company’s EPS for 2019/2020/2021 is expected to be 0.


99 yuan, PE is 8/8/8 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: coal demand is lower than expected, the macro economy is down, and the volume of transit to rail transportation is lower than expected

Opening: The two cities opened higher and the Shanghai index rose 0.

33% cloud office segment continues strong

Opening: The two cities opened higher and the Shanghai index rose 0.

33% cloud office segment continues strong

Sina Finance News February 5 news, as of today’s opening, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2792.

37 points, up 0.

33%; Shencheng Index reported 10159.

55 points, up 0.

69%; The Pioneer Index reported 1908.

97 points, up 1.


From the surface of the disk, the cloud 南京夜网 office sector continued to be strong.

  News: 1. The latest data from the Health and Health Commission: 3,887 new confirmed cases nationwide on the 4th, new suspected cases dropped for the second day in a row, 3156 new cases were added in Hubei on the 4th, and the number of confirmed cases in non-Hubei areas decreased from the 3rd.
  2. Major antiviral research results of Academician Li Lanjuan’s team: Abidol, darunavir can effectively inhibit coronavirus.

  3. The central government is clear: Allow qualified third-party testing institutions to conduct nucleic acid testing.

  4. Is it far from the turning point?

Experts from the National Health Committee: There may be an incubation period later.

  5. The World Health Organization stated on the 4th that pneumonitis infected by the new coronavirus is not currently a 四川耍耍网 “global epidemic.”

  6, China Reserve Network issued a notice on February 7th Central Reserve Frozen Pork Issuing Bidding Transaction, out of stock issuing Bidding Transaction 1.

  7, 18 public offerings from their own pockets, at least 1.8 billion to raise A shares.

  8. China Development Bank intends to issue no more than 8 billion special war bonds, with a term of one year.

  9. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, Macau has decided to suspend the gaming industry and related entertainment industries for half a month.

  10. On Tuesday, the Nasdaq surged more than 2% to a new closing high. Tesla rose more than 13%. WTI crude oil futures fell 1% and gold futures fell 1.


  Institutional point of view: Gao Shanwen, chief economist of Anxin Securities, said that after Monday ‘s adjustment, most of the risks in the capital market have been released, and the subsequent market trend will move towards the epidemic.

If the outbreak is fully controlled within two to four weeks, the market will also bottom out when the number of confirmed cases reaches its peak.

From the experience during SARS, the time for market adjustment will not be too long.

A better choice than Red Sive?

Chloroquine phosphate recommended, multiple companies resume production

A better choice than Red Sive?
Chloroquine phosphate recommended, multiple companies resume production

Do you know how to buy pharmaceutical stocks?
Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to Wu Dan (Jin Qilin analyst) talk about “Industrial Investment Excellent Course · Medicine”. 9 lessons let you quickly grasp the core logic of pharmaceutical investment Original title: A better choice than Red Sive?
Chloroquine phosphate has been unanimously recommended, and many companies have re-produced the 70-year-old antimalarial drug chloroquine phosphate, which has become one of the most interesting materials for new crown pneumonia.
On February 17, at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that based on the urgent needs of current clinical treatment, experts unanimously recommended that chloroquine phosphate should be quickly included in the new version of the diagnosis and treatment plan and expanded.Clinical scope.
Sun Yanrong said bluntly: “Based on the results of previous clinical studies, it is clear that chloroquine phosphate is effective in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.
“On February 15, two days ago, Zhang Xinmin, director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, also introduced at the press conference that chloroquine phosphate is currently undergoing clinical research in more than a dozen hospitals in Beijing and Guangdong, with more than 100 patients enrolled.
In the near future, Hunan Province will also start a multi-center clinical trial of chloroquine phosphate.
The clinical results show that chloroquine phosphate has a certain effect on the diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia.
  A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry told surging news reporters that if chloroquine phosphate is comparable to redecive in experiments, then chloroquine phosphate is a better choice.
On the one hand, the drug has been used clinically for a long time, and its safety in humans has been tested.
On the other hand, the domestic chloroquine phosphate production process is mature and the production line is complete, and production can be started immediately if needed.
  According to surging news reporters, because the incidence of malaria in China is very small, antimalarial drugs are mainly produced as national reserves, and many manufacturers with chloroquine phosphate approval have not actually started production.
However, after the potential effectiveness of chloroquine phosphate was recognized, many companies have quickly resumed production.
  On the morning of February 18, Guanghua Pharmaceutical’s first batch of 500,000 chloroquine phosphate was completed.
  The anti-malarial principle of anti-malarial drug chloroquine phosphate over 70 years and its advantages compared with ridicvir. Chloroquine phosphate is an old medicine for treating malaria and autoimmune diseases. It has been used in clinical practice for more than 70 years.
Data show that chloroquine phosphate tablets are mainly used for the treatment of chloroquine-sensitive P. falciparum, P. vivax and P. vivax, and can be used for the preventive prevention of malaria symptoms.Photosensitive diseases (such as sun erythema).
  In terms of mechanism of action, chloroquine blocks viral infection by increasing the endosome pH required for virus / cell fusion.
In addition to its antiviral activity, chloroquine has immunomodulatory activity, which can synergistically enhance its antiviral effect in vivo.
After oral administration, chloroquine is widely distributed throughout the body, including the lungs.
Studies have found that chloroquine may alter the structure of neocrown virus entering human cell receptor ACE2, or inhibit the binding of S protein on the surface of the virus to ACE2, thereby inhibiting the virus from multiplying in humans.
  On February 4th, a paper published by the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Cell Recearch showed that Radixivir and chloroquine were very effective in controlling the infection of new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro.
Since these compounds have been used in human patients with a safety track record and have shown effective effects on various diseases, researchers recommend that they be evaluated in human patients with new coronavirus disease.
  Studies have shown that two compounds, redecive (EC50 = 0.
77μm; CC50> 100μM; SI> 129.
87) and chloroquine (EC50 = 1.
13μM; CC50> 100μM, SI> 88.
50) At low micromolar concentrations, it effectively blocked virus infection and showed high SI.
This means that both small doses of ridicvir and chloroquine have an inhibitory effect on the new crown virus.
  Among the two drugs, Radixivir is an antiviral drug against Ebola virus that is not yet on the market under development by Gilead in the United States, and has previously completed phase II clinical trials overseas.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some studies have found that the drug has potential for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, Phase III clinical trials for new coronary pneumonia patients are being carried out in China.
The clinical results are expected to be made public in April.
  A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry pointed out to surging journalists that if chloroquine phosphate is comparable to ridicvir in experiments, then chloroquine phosphate is a better choice.
  He said that on the one hand, the drug has been used in clinical for a long time, and its safety in humans has been tested, but Redecive is still a trial drug with unclear toxic and side effects.
On the other hand, the domestic chloroquine phosphate production process is mature and the production line is complete, and production can be started immediately if needed.
Radixivir is a patented drug. The compound synthesis, preparation process, and production process patents are in the hands of Gilead, which is largely controlled by others.
The price of chloroquine phosphate must also be much cheaper than that of ribecvir.  Expert group unanimously recognized the safety and efficacy, Zhong Nanshan: Chloroquine phosphate is not enough to be a potent drug, but it is worth discussingHas been used clinically for more than 70 years.

Previous studies have clearly suggested that it has only a resistance effect, a broad-spectrum antiviral effect, and a very good immunomodulatory effect.

  ”We organized several hospitals in several provinces of Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hunan to jointly carry out an evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of chlorofluorinated phosphate for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

Sun Yanrong said that he has seen clinical effects very surely in the clinical system. No matter from the rate of exacerbation, antipyretic phenomenon or the time when the lung image improves, the time and rate of viral nucleic acid negativeness and negativeness are systematically reduced.The comprehensive research and judgment can be made clear to everyone and replaced by the drug group.

  Sun Yanrong imitated that a 54-year-old patient in Beijing was admitted to the hospital on the fourth day of the onset and successfully entered the chloroquine phosphate test.

After taking the drug for one week, the patient’s nucleic acid turned negative, and all the indicators improved, meeting the standards for release from isolation and discharge.

In addition, in terms of the safety of the drug, no clear serious adverse reactions related to the drug have been found so far in more than one hundred patients taking the drug.

  According to reports, on February 15, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Drug Administration and other major units jointly published a video expert meeting in Beijing. Academician Zhong Nanshan served as the team leader. Some of the clinical research experts participated in the expert demonstration.Efficacy of New Crown Pneumonia.

After careful and meticulous research, the expert group finally reached an agreement and agreed that the drug is an old drug that has been on the market for many years, and its safety for the treatment of a wide range of people is controllable.

Based on the results of previous clinical studies, it is clear that chloroquine phosphate is effective in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

  However, with its efficacy, chloroquine phosphate cannot be confirmed as a specific medicine for new coronary pneumonia.

  Academician Zhong Nanshan said at a press conference on February 18 that chloroquine phosphate was not a good drug, but a drug worth exploring.

Faced with things the world hasn’t seen before, practice precedes scientific research, crossing the river by feeling the stones.

The study of chloroquine phosphate is not preliminary done in China. It has been done in Belgium and other countries. Chloroquine is effective against coronavirus.

But it is really used in the human body in this epidemic.

We in Guangdong conduct research at about the same time as Beijing.

In an open study, it was found to turn patients negative in about 15 days.

Rigorous clinical trials are not possible now, but compared to other drugs, fever symptoms and the virus disappear one day earlier.

In addition, it is not a lot of temporary at present.

For example, patients with gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and tinnitus can be relieved earlier.

In general, the special effects are not enough, but does it help?

From the current perspective, it is helpful.

  ”At present, the main suppliers are from Shanghai Pharmaceuticals”, and the integrated manufacturers have resumed production quickly. Moreover, the country has mature mature chloroquine phosphate production processes and production lines.

According to the website of the State Drug Administration, there are as many as 23 enterprises that have been approved for the production of chloroquine phosphate, with more than 30 approval numbers.

However, according to surging news reporters, many manufacturers have not actually started production or have stopped production.

  A person familiar with the matter told the surging news reporter that because the outbreak of acute illness in China is very rare, antimalarial drugs are mainly used as national reserves and produced in small quantities.

The current domestic production and supply of chloroquine phosphate comes from Shanghai Pharmaceuticals (601607).


  According to Minnet.com, in 2018, the sales of chloroquine phosphate tablets in urban public hospitals in China and county-level public hospitals were only about 1.7 million.

  On February 11th, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, resumed production on February 3, and currently has a large number of raw materials in stock. The first phosphate chloroquine phosphate tablet was officially delivered on February 10.Continuous supply at numerous speeds around 3 to 5 days.

  However, after the potential of chloroquine phosphate to treat new coronary pneumonia has been cited many times.

A few companies with production approvals for chlorocyanate phosphate are actively preparing to resume production.

  February 4, * ST Hehua (000953.

(SZ) announcement states that its wholly-owned subsidiary Nansong Kaibo has recently received notice from Chongqing Kangle Pharmaceutical and Chongqing Southwest Pharmaceutical Second Factory. In the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requested the aboveThe two companies organized the production of the chloroquine phosphate phosphate, which is the central medicine reserve, as soon as possible, so they asked Nansong Kaibo 杭州桑拿网 to resume production.

  On February 5, Elite Pharmaceuticals (002349.

(SZ) stated on the interactive platform that the company had obtained approval, but not actual production.

On February 17, the company also said that the company had raw materials and was organizing the production of chloroquine phosphate.

  Baiyun Mountain (600332.

(SH) also announced that its holding subsidiary Guangzhou Baiyunshan Guanghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Guanghua Pharmaceutical”) received the “Pharmaceutical Supplementary Application Approval” for chloroquine phosphate tablets approved and issued by the Guangdong Drug Administration on February 17,The approval is valid only during the outbreak.

Guanghua Pharmaceutical will resume the production of chloroquine phosphate tablets quickly after obtaining the “Approval for Supplementary Drug Application”, and will be listed after passing the inspection of the Guangdong Provincial Drug Inspection Institute.  Guanghua Pharmaceutical obtained the registration certificate and production approval for the chloroquine phosphate tablets approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Health in 1977, the re-registration approval in 2015, and the national drug transfer approval number in 2002, but no production and sales since 2002.

  On February 18, the surging news reporter learned from Baiyunshan parent company Guangyao Group that Guanghua Pharmaceutical’s first batch of production reached 500,000 tablets, production has been completed, and the second batch of 500,000 tablets has also begun production.

In addition, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group also purchased 200,000 chloroquine phosphates in Pakistan as prevention and control materials in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, and used them for clinical trials.

  Also receiving supplementary approval was Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (002317).


On February 11, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical announced that the company had recently applied for the resumption of production of pharmaceutical chloroquine phosphate tablets, and had gradually obtained the “Approval for Drug Supplement Application” approved and issued by the Guangdong Drug Administration. At present, it has completed the relevant production recovery of chloroquine phosphate tablets.

Independence is the result of children being loved

Independence is the result of children being loved

Adults are not independent and have no strength to bear the weight of life, otherwise there will not be so many people in their thirties who have given up their ideals!

The child is not independent and is easily enslaved by external forces. He observes and observes all day long, and is cautious. Under long-term depression, the child gradually loses himself and becomes a lost lamb.

When the mother is “lucky”, you must love your children more than you love yourself, because children rely on love to grow, become independent, and live a happy life.

Love is the consequence of children’s independence, and independence is the consequence of children being loved.

  Why can’t most of our mothers do this?

Because we have not grown up, we are craving for love, and we are on our way to independence.

For example, we particularly hope that our husband can take care of us when we return. Especially when we are tired after finishing work, we have to do home chores while the child is “troubled”
.Shouting: “Why are you .” We were so angry.

Why don’t children consider us?

Why doesn’t the husband appease us?

Because we are not independent.

The whole life process before we have children may not develop normally.

Independence leaves us with no energy to bear the weight of life, let alone treat life optimistically, otherwise most of us will not give up our hopes and ideals in our thirties.

Our spiritual development should be integrated with our lives and our psychological development, and should not be separated.

But we were separated.

Confucius said, “Thirty stands.

“This” establishment “is spiritual. This” establishment “is actually a psychological and professional independence.

A thirty-year-old person, if he has been sufficiently developed, he can “stand up”, and at this time he will not depend on any one person.

This is the most normal and complete development process.

Independence is the substantial difference between children and adults.

 Love makes people independent, independence makes spiritual development, love is the basis of intellectual development.

With love, you can talk about independence.

What is love?

Love is above all a state of mind.

The thing that touched me the most was “shampooing”.

For the shampooing child, her father is a soldier, a trainer, and a very nice person.

Her dad often squatted in the yard to watch his children play, watching absently, often.

But he can’t take care of the child’s inner growth, his child can’t get love, this father only occasionally “rare” the child: “Come, father is rare and rare.”

“Hold it in a circle.

I often feel that he is not her father, but rather her brother.

  We originally thought that when we have children, we will love our children more, we hope that children grow up better than us, but we can not do it.

Because most of our childhood did not grow up well, those bad things have accumulated on us as subconscious, and we are also using these things to treat children.

  To love children first means that they cannot be ignored.

Love is not an occasional concern, not a whim, or even an occasional hate, a kind of hate vented by “hitting”, even if you say it is because you love him, hate him forever.

I told many people: “Everyone who beats or scolds a child, needless to say, ask his parents. His parents absolutely beat him and scolded him.

no doubt.

He definitely applied this method to his children again, and it continued like this for generations.

“ Just look at the faces of the people around you.

Those who are fully loved not only act in accordance with the rules of things, but also calm, considerate, and want to help others.This is true for adults and children.

The so-called troublesome old children are neither normal adults nor normal children.

 The mother of a classmate now has symptoms of “old children”.

A little careless and not considerate of her made her angry.

When she gets angry, she will be angry with you. You have to coax her and comfort her. For a few days, she can relieve her energy.

She is a “child”.

She tortured herself, but wanted to get your love and attention in this way.

 Many mothers in our kindergarten said to me: “Look, my husband often beats children, and sometimes when I say that, my husband started working with me.

I said, “Because you are not looking for a husband, but a son.

You can only do one thing, take care of two children.

If you don’t, your family will never have peace.

. If you still love him and you still don’t want to divorce him, the only way is to treat him like your son.

Let him turn around slowly.

These mothers would sigh: “Well, I’m so tired!”

When will it be over!

“Now people often say that they need to train gifted children. In my opinion, we are very serious about normal children.

Parents pin their unrealized ideals on their children, and their children are then helped to become precocious adults.

  When a person is truly mature, he allows his lover to obey.

What is obedience?

Emotionally, in life, the sublimation of the will is obedience.

My good friend Xueer’s husband has very good psychological development. He is obedient to Cher.

Xueer often gets angry and coquettishly: “You buy me litchi, you cook me chicken, you get me this, you get me that .” He did it happily.

Cher ‘s childhood was very unfortunate. After her marriage, she spent a decade of “golden childhood” again. She asked her husband what she wanted to do. Cher said: “I want to dig three feet.

Her husband would also say, “Dig it, keep digging and give you a spade.”

“This decade is the decade when Cher became himself.

Why was Cher full of enthusiasm and love for this education later?

It is because in love and freedom, Cher becomes a normal person again.

When Cher re-developed as a normal person, when Cher’s psychological problems were resolved, she found that humans are really suffering, because few people have such good luck as her and can find such a true love for herPeople.
In real life, who can tolerate an adult living like a child for ten years?

. Love is like a door to the kingdom of heaven, which has made Cher’s life a major adjustment, regained her understanding, and she began to face life independently without fear.

She often said to me, “What is marriage?

Freedom, joy, happiness, and the beginning of life again. ”

  Of course, I’ve made it simple. A happy marriage can take many forms, all of which lead to the same goal. They all give love to loved ones.

 Love, first of all, is a feeling, a subtle emotion, a heart’s devotion and belonging, and that devotion has a sense of security, freedom, ease, happiness, a feeling of completeness and deliverance.

Love is followed by happiness that is given because you have experienced love and know the feeling of being loved.

Giving is the meaning of independence.

 The experience of Cher gives me a confidence that anyone can change, as long as you can find someone who loves you.

What would happen if people were happy?

A happy child will not do destruction, nor a happy adult will do it.

Happy humans will not destroy wealth, destroy the environment, or wage war, they will only have constructive behavior. There is only one rule for human development, which is love.

The noblest and greatest truth in this world is love.

Lovelessness and abnormal growth are the greatest sins in this world.

  After a parent named Tang He listened to the Montessori lecture, his child’s education method changed 180 degrees.

That day, her little fellow thought timidly: “Mom, I think .” Tang He said, “You want to go out and play, Mom knows.

Come back today whenever you love.

The child said, “Then I’ll be late at night, isn’t it?

“”Yes you can!

You can do not come back at night.

The child is twelve years old.

He said, “Ah!

It can be so!

“He is particularly happy.

Sitting downstairs at night and not going upstairs until 12 o’clock, seeing this scene, the parent said, “I know what my child feels happy for the first time!

“Of course she went a little too far, and the child could not come back.

Later that child changed a lot!

As soon as I thought about Tang He, I cried: “I have abused my child for twelve years, and I .” I comforted her and said, “You are so outstanding, you are so thoroughly aware that your child has time.

Your child can slowly embark on another track, a natural normal development track.

“There must be a condition for such a development path: that this child has his own freedom, and this freedom is the freedom of the mind.

For example, the child’s wish at the moment is to play with water, and playing with water is his development needs at the moment.

But there was a housekeeper in his heart who was not allowed to play with water.

Montessori told a story: a child from her own home to her grandmother’s house, she wanted to open a sprinkler on the grass and wanted to play with water, but she was scared and hesitated.

Grandma said, “You can play with water.

But the child said, “No, I can’t drive.

Because the babysitter told me not to play with water.

“Her grandma said,” She’s not here. Grandma lets you drive. ”

She said, “No, that won’t work either.

“As a result, she is already a slave to her nanny in this matter.

Her personality has been secretly replaced.

What will happen to this child in the future?

If this child suffers from depression for a long time-her own depression, her personality development and ability development will have very serious obstacles-this depression must be a continuous behavior, it cannot be accidental.

 Many parents said: I have overwhelmed my child, what can I do?

do not worry.

Because the whole state of man is divided into positive side and negative side.

As long as the positive side dominates, the child’s growth will not have much problem. If the negative side dominates, his personality will be quietly replaced, and he will not be able to develop according to the original state of his life.He did not grow independently, let alone grow independently.

As Montessori said, “If you can’t be independent, you can’t talk about freedom.”

Freedom has become a precious quality at this time.

Chinese medicine comprehensively solves the problem of anorexia in children

Chinese medicine comprehensively solves the problem of anorexia in children

Anorexia in children refers to the main symptoms of long-term loss of appetite or lack of appetite in children (mainly 3-6 years old). It has no obvious complications and symptoms can be aggravated in summer.

It is a symptom, not a separate disease.

Anorexia is a kind of spleen and stomach disease (also known as digestive system disease) that Chinese medicine calls.

Often manifested as babies who do not like to eat every month or longer.

When they got to dinner, their parents were worried, and they tried to chase and tease, and cheated to feed.

Although it is better in kindergarten than at home, it is also leftovers.

  Some children are anorexia caused by chronic diseases, and some chronic diseases such as anemia, rickets, hepatitis, indigestion and long-term constipation may cause overcoming anorexia. At this time, it should be checked clearly and the appetite can be improved after the chronic diseases are treated.

However, most pediatric anorexia is not caused by disease, but by poor eating habits, unreasonable eating systems, poor eating environment, and psychological factors of parents and children.

The main reason is that parents have the right childcare knowledge and think it is inappropriate.

  Reasons for anorexia in children: 1. Some parents (especially the elderly) often use snacks to coax their children. As soon as the baby cries, they give a piece of candy, and as soon as the baby makes a cookie, the child cannot eat on time.

This will cause ① irregular diet, no fixed eating time, eating time is prolonged or shortened, the normal digestion and absorption rules are disrupted.

② Constant snacks, non-stop mouth, and uneasy stomach, leading to peristalsis and secretion disorders of venous blood transfusion.

③ Beverages, ice cream, chocolate and other high content keep blood sugar at a high level without feeling dry.

④ Poor eating environment, play while eating, or parents tease and rebuke when eating, so that the food cortex of the cerebral cortex can not form a dominant excitatory stove.

  2. Now that the family conditions are better, parents are afraid of the baby’s lack of nutrition and hope that the baby will grow up fast. Since childhood, they have fish, meat and eggs as the main diet, and even give their children tonic.

This one-sided pursuit of high nutrition, unrestrained feeding of meat, eggs and milk will damage reproduction and cause indigestion.

And taking too much medicine or abuse health supplements, increase the burden of digestion and absorption.

  3. Parents pay too much attention to their children’s eating, which makes them have rebellious psychology. The robes use anti-feeding as a bargaining chip.

  4, lack of exercise, reduced metabolism, gastrointestinal digestive function can not be strengthened.

  5. Others: Irregular life, insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, constipation, physical discomfort, etc. These can cause children to eclipse, feed, imbalance nutrition, and even anorexia.

  Treatment of pediatric anorexia: (1) Routine treatment 1. First, take the child to the pediatric or gastroenterology department of the hospital for a comprehensive and detailed examination, exclude those chronic diseases that can cause anorexia, rule out iron deficiency and zinc deficiency.

  2, regular diet, regular meals to ensure diet hygiene; regular life, adequate sleep, regular bowel movements; comprehensive nutrition, eat more coarse grains and fruits and vegetables; control snacks and sweets, drink less drinks.

  3. Improve the eating environment so that children can concentrate on eating and maintain a good mood.

  4. Parents should avoid paying too much attention to their children ‘s eating behaviors; when the child deliberately refuses to feed, they cannot be accommodated, such as one or two meals, and the parents should not worry.Naturally, children will ask for food; they must not be extended as a condition for children to eat.

  5, strengthen physical exercise, especially long-distance running, swimming and other aerobic exercises.

  6, do not take medicine blindly, do not absorb health supplements; you can appropriately take Chinese and Western medicines that regulate the spleen and stomach to promote digestion and absorption, such as: Jian’er Xiaoshi Oral Liquid, Xiao’er Xiaoji Pill, Xiaoer Heidi Tablets, Jianpi Cake, LargeHawthorn granules and Jian’er San etc.

  Precautions: Contraindications for the treatment of anorexia in children: Generally, nourishing medicines such as ginseng, mature land, and tortoise…

In addition, you cannot use many medicines attacked by bitter cold, such as rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, betel nut, etc. These medicines can also damage the function of the spleen and stomach.

It is best to use some traditional Chinese medicine with peaceful properties, sweet taste, and nourishing the stomach and transporting the spleen.

  B) Children with anorexia by massage are often both anorexia and anorexia, and it is difficult to cooperate with the treatment.

Massage has a significant effect in treating anorexia in children, spleen appetizer, and reach the middle coke.

Here are several massage treatments based on different TCM syndrome types: (1) milk stagnation: 1) treatment principle: digestion and stagnation.

  2) Prescription for massage: 100 times for clearing the door, 100 times for gossip in reverse luck, 100 times for pushing four horizontal stripes, 6 times for pinching the ridges, 100 times for retreating six times, 100 times for kneading valley.

  (2) Breeding of Phlegm: 1) Principles of treatment: Spleen dryness, dampness and phlegm.

  2) Prescription for massage: Spleen Meridian 200 times, rubbing wind 100 times, rubbing foreign labor 100 times, rubbing stomach for 3 minutes, reverse gossip 100 times, pinching the spine 6 times, pushing four horizontal stripes 100 times.

  (3) Insect damage to spleen: 1) Treatment principle: Spleen strengthening and deworming.

  2) Massage prescription: massage the abdomen for 5 minutes, rub the Tianshu 200 times, push down the seven joints 200 times, reverse gossip 100 times, push four horizontal lines 100 times, pinch the spine 6 times.

  (4) Weakness of the spleen and stomach: 1) The principle of treatment: Yiqi Jianpi.  2) Prescription for massage: 200 times to replenish the spleen, 200 times to rub a litter of wind, 100 times to gossip in the bad luck, 100 times to push the four horizontal stripes, 100 times to rub the foreign labor palace, 100 times to nourish the kidney, and 100 times to clear the river.

  Note: 1) Proper outdoor activities, more sun exposure, increase physical fitness.

  2) Eat regularly and quantitatively to prevent partial eating and picky eating, replace breast milk, and add supplementary food in time.

The food structure is reasonable to ensure nutrition.

  3) For the treatment of anorexic spleen and spleen type due to worm accumulation, it should be combined with taking an insecticide (3) Acupuncture commonly used points: four sutures.

  Spare point: Zusanli.

  Operation: Take only four slits of the middle finger at each time. After disinfection, the doctor fixes with the left hand and fully exposes the acupoint area, holding the No. 28 5 minute needle on the right, quickly punctures, adds a small amount of yellow and white mucus, and disinfects the cottonPress the ball for a moment.

Severe illness.

You can add Sanli acupoints with a 30-inch 1-inch needle.

Banned every time.

The above treatments were performed every other day and alternated on both sides.

  Note: (1) The onset of this disease can not take a single measure, but comprehensive measures should be taken, such as: regular quantitative diet, avoid partial and snacks, and establish a good eating environment.

Don’t eat cold and fatty food, and don’t eat it by force.

  (2) The four-slit acupuncture point can be stopped until the yellow-white liquid expands.

  (3) Children with elderly body weight in this method.

  Auricular point sticking method: Common points: spleen, stomach.

  Spare points: Shenmen, Migen.

  Operation: Generally, only common points are taken. If a spare point can be added (two points can be used in turns).

Take the acupuncture points each time and apply pressure with Wang Buliuzi or magnetic beads. Parents will inject 2?
Repeat 3 times, each half to 1min.

Alternate on both sides, 2?
Redeem once every 3rd.

  Note: (1) This method is used for children with mild symptoms or prevention of aura symptoms.

  (2) Parents should not be overweight when under pressure.

Due to the delicate skin of children, excessive weight can cause damage.

  Lamp fire moxibustion: common points: dorsal spleen.

  Location of spleen point at the back of the ear: the tail of the ear where the chakra foot disappears.

  Operation: First gently rub the front ear lobe to initiate local congestion.

After routine disinfection of the acupoint, take a rush, soak one end in sesame oil or other vegetable oil for a while, drain, ignite, and point moxibustion at the back of the ear to hear a pop.

If not, you can order moxibustion once more, but no more than twice.

If it does not work, you can do another moxibustion on the right spleen after the 7th day.

  Note: (1) This law applies to all types of anorexia in children caused by improper diet.

  (2) After moxibustion, a band-aid can be applied locally in the acupoint area to prevent the child from scratching, so as not to cause infection.

  Acupoint injection: Common point: Zusanli.

  Operation: medicinal solution: Vitamin D3 injection, 300,000 U (1ml) for infants and young children, 40 for those over 10 years old?
600,000 U.

  Each time you select the retinal acupoint area and disinfect it with iodophor, use 2?
Use a 5ml syringe to aspirate the medicine, quickly break the skin at the acupuncture point, and slowly send the needle until you feel a sense of gas (the hand feels a little tight at this time).

The syringe is used once a week, and the two sides are placed alternately.

4 times for a course of treatment.
  Note: (1) This method is only applicable to children with anorexia of spleen deficiency, manifested as anorexia or partial eclipse, lack of complexion, bloating, loose stools, weight loss, delayed growth and development, and poor resistance.

These children are often accompanied by irritability and sweating and rickets such as chicken breasts.

  (2) Since vitamin D3 is an oil injection solution, the needle’s yin force is transmitted during the injection, and the syringe connector should be tightened before injection to prevent the drug solution from overflowing.

  (3) Can be combined with food therapy: hawthorn cake, 10?
30g; appropriate amount of chicken skin, washed, ground powder, 1 per serving?
3g daily 2?
3 times.
  (4) Therapeutic Formula One: Chicken Golden Porridge Ingredients: 6 chicken golden, 3 grams of dried orange peel, 2 grams of amomum, 50 grams of rice, and sugar

  System usage: the chicken gold, dried orange peel, Amomum grind into fine powder for later use.

First put the previous rice into the pot and add the right amount of water to cook the porridge. When the previous rice is quickly cooked, add the above medicine into the pot and cook until it is cooked.

This party can be taken 3 times a day, and should be taken for 5-7 days.

  Efficacy: This recipe has the effects of digestion, stagnation, qi and stomach.

  Second, rock sugar wumei soup ingredients: ebony, 60 grams each of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and soak ume for 20 minutes, remove the core, cut into diced pieces, add ume into the pot and cook with an appropriate amount of water until it is half-cooked, then add rock sugar, and cook until the rock sugar is completely melted. Serve after coolingThe bottle is spare.

Take half a spoon at a time, 3 times a day.

  Efficacy: This formula has the effects of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, appetizing and astringent intestines, and anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal effects.

  Third, the children’s Xiaoshi porridge ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn flakes, 50 grams of sorghum rice, milk powder, sugar each amount.

  System usage: Put hawthorn flakes and sorghum rice together in a pot and fry over low heat.

Grind the charred hawthorn flakes together with sorghum rice to make coarse flour.

Inject the coarse powder into the casserole, add the right amount of water and cook until it is cooked, then add the right amount of milk powder and sugar to serve.

Children under 1 year old can take 10 grams of digestive porridge at a time; children 2-3 years old can take 20 grams of digestion porridge; children 4 years old can take 30-40 grams of digestion porridge.

Take 3 times a day.

  Efficacy: This recipe has the effects of appetizing digestion, invigorating spleen, invigorating spleen, eliminating stagnation and eliminating stasis, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and astringent and antidiarrheal.

Giving up is a state

Giving up is a state

With a lot of things on his back, he stands on one leg.

The man said, “I can’t hold on, what should I do?

“The method is very simple, can’t we just put our legs down?

  People are alive and have many responsibilities and many desires. These things are carried on their bodies. If they are taken away, life will become light and meaningless.

But carrying them all the same, can’t give up the same, and may end up exhausted on the road.

People in life always stand on one leg, because this is a running posture.

  Life was originally very simple and simple.

People don’t need much.

This is not to despise the existence of matter, but to allow these things to pile on the body and crush people.

Learn to abandon things that you do n’t particularly need and that are not important to your life.

Learn to put down your other leg and keep a simple and clear heart, you will feel that you can walk very calmly in running.

  People, just because they do n’t know how to give up, ca n’t let go to clean themselves up, how many tangled and unsolved pains, even in deep and unable to extricate themselves.

When you can understand how to abandon and clean up your art and wisdom, you will suddenly become cheerful, and life will immediately show you a completely different scene.

  Some people in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” say: When you hold your hands tightly, there is nothing inside; when you open your hands, the world is in your hands.

Many times we should know how to abandon. In life, both fish and bear’s paw can be both a minority, and each abandonment is to get a better return next time.

Hold your hands tight, there must be nothing, open your hands, at least there is hope.

  Those who are willing to give up are smart, those who are willing to give up are smart, and those who are good at giving up are smart.

  Learn to give up, give up the pain caused by loss, give up the hatred left by humiliation, give up all the inexplicable burdens in your heart, give up the costly quarrels, give up endless explanations, give up the race for power, give up the greed for moneyDesire, give up the fight for the false name, give up the trouble, slightly entangled, so that the entire body immersed in the relaxed leisurely tranquility.

  If tadpoles always show off their tails and are reluctant to give up, they will never grow free-flying frogs.

Please don’t forget that giving up is for better ownership.

  A cartoon depicting a traveler trekking over the mountains is pouring out the sand and stones in the shoes, and the narration is: “It is often not the mountains in the distance that make you tired, but a sand and stone in the shoes.”This is a very interesting logic, it reveals a truth: the people who are crushed are often not huge challenges, but secretly slanderous and the tired of the victims.

  Life is really short and hard. We need to lose our personal grudges and all kinds of thoughts, and learn to give up under the attitude of not being stubborn, not betraying the favor, the dislike, and the fearless.

  Giving up is a kind of transcendence, a kind of grandeur, a kind of sublimation, a state

10 benefits of eating peanuts: anti-cancer, lungs, anti-aging

10 benefits of eating peanuts: anti-cancer, lungs, anti-aging

Peanut is a nutrient-rich, high-protein oil crop with a protein content of up to 30%.

Its nutritional value can be as beautiful as animal food eggs, milk, lean meat, and more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body than animal food.

Nutrition experts tell us that peanuts play an important role in a healthy diet plan.

  Nutrition experts in the United States, Britain, Victoria and other countries have demonstrated through experiments that peanuts and peanut products can fight aging, improve memory, and prevent cancer.

  [Peanut Therapeutic Effect]1. When the soluble fiber in peanut fiber tissue for preventing bowel cancer is digested and absorbed by the human body, it will absorb liquid and other substances like a sponge, and then swell into a tape body and excrete it with feces.

When these objects pass through the body, they come into contact with many harmful substances and absorb certain toxins, thereby reducing the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the toxic effects produced, and reducing the chance of intestinal cancer.

  2, Runfei cough peanuts are rich in trace oil, can play a role in lungs and cough, often used for complications such as chronic cough, asthma, expectoration and blood.

  3. The catechins contained in anti-aging peanuts have a strong anti-aging effect on the human body, and lysine is also an important component to prevent premature aging.

Eating peanuts regularly is beneficial to the human body to delay aging, so peanuts are also known as “longevity fruits”.

  4, improve memory Peanut protein contains more than ten kinds of amino acids required by the human body, of which lysine transforms children to improve intelligence, glutamic acid and aspartic acid can promote cell development and enhance brain memory.

  5. Promote the growth and development of the human body The content of calcium in peanuts is extremely high. Calcium is the main component of human bones, so eating more peanuts can promote the growth and development of the human body.

  6. Coagulation and hemostasis Peanut clothing contains oil and multiple vitamins, and contains substances that shorten the clotting time. It can resist the dissolution of fibrin, and has the function of promoting metabolism to produce platelets. It has a hemostatic effect on a variety of bleeding diseases.And, it has a certain therapeutic effect on the primary disease, which is beneficial to human hematopoietic function.

7, to prevent coronary heart disease peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, this substance is converted into bile acids in the human body and replaced in vitro.

Avoiding the deposition of cholesterol in the body, reducing the incidence of high cholesterol, can prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

  8. Peanuts rich in nourishing blood and blood are rich in trace oils and proteins, and have nourishing qi and blood and nourishing blood and milk for those who have insufficient milk after childbirth.

  9. Reduce prices and keep your body in the past. Peanuts have always been considered to be too high in rare earth and have been replaced by many people, especially those who are obese and want to lose weight.

However, nutrition experts in many countries have recently selected peanuts and peanut products to help people control their weight and prevent obesity.

Nutrition experts have also found that high-quality peanuts, peanut oil, and other peanut products have a nutrient called folic acid, which contains a large amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can increase distribution and emission, burn harmful cholesterol, and reduce hyperlipidemia.

In addition to folic acid, peanut also contains a variety of beneficial cellulose, which has the effect of removing intestinal garbage and will not cause obesity.

  10. Heart protection-health effects have been re-recognized. Researchers have confirmed that peanuts are a healthy food.

Residual, most of the fat contained in peanuts are unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol-free.

This fatty acid does not have arteries like saturated fatty acids at all, but has the reputation of “arterial scavenger”. It can significantly reduce total cholesterol and harmful plasma levels and has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

  [Applicable people]A small amount of food for ordinary people 1, suitable for people with malnutrition, loss of appetite, coughing; suitable for patients with beriberi; suitable for women with postpartum milk intake; suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, arteriesHardened and consumed by people with various bleeding disorders; suitable for children, adolescents and the elderly; can improve children’s memory and help the elderly to nourish and health; 2, peanuts contain more oil, need more bile consumption during digestion, so bile diseasePatients should not eat it; peanuts can promote blood clotting and promote thrombosis, so people with high blood viscosity or blood clots should not eat them; people with cold body and dampness and intestinal diarrhea should not take them; those with internal heat and fire should not eat them.Sexual dryness can make stomatitis, glossitis, cold sores, nosebleeds and other complications serious and will not heal for a long time; it is not suitable for people who suffer from bruises. There is a clotting factor in peanuts that causes blood stasis and exacerbates stasis.

  [Usage and Dosage]1. Raw food, stir-fried food, cooking or decoction; 2. Put in oil or as a side food; make food or supplement in the food industry; 3. Use peanuts and red clothes together with red dates, bothIt can tonic and stop bleeding. It is most suitable for weak patients with bleeding. 4. Stew is the best way to eat peanuts. This way, it avoids the destruction of the signature nutrients and has a tepid taste.The taste is moist, the mouth is rotten, and it is easy to digest, suitable for all ages.

  [Precautions]1. Peanut oil, cold and damp stagnation and intestinal diarrhea should not be taken; avoid eating mildew peanuts.

  2. Peanut clothing has the function of increasing the number of platelets and anti-fibrinolytic effect. Therefore, except for those with thrombocytopenia, most people should peel off the peanut clothing and eat it, especially the elderly or those with hyperviscosity should peel it and eat it.
  3. It should not be too much each time. It is recommended to eat about one a day to avoid gaining weight.

Regarding the question of whether people will gain weight by eating peanuts, experts explain that peanuts pose little threat to obesity, and if eaten in moderation, they can still lose weight.

Because it is a high trace, high protein, high fiber food, it can increase satiety, which is commonly referred to as “more anti-hunger”.

According to research, the satiety caused by peanuts is five times that of other high-carbohydrate foods. After eating peanuts, the need for other foods can be relatively reduced, and the total metabolism of the body can be reduced to achieve weight loss.