Exercise and fitness

Exercise and fitness

More and more investigations have proved that exercise is closely related to improving sexual life.
Foreign medical and sexology experts believe that exercise can enhance “sexual interest”, the main reason is: affinity Because you often exercise, you will feel good health.
This can promote intimacy between couples, and intimate behavior will be more sexually stimulating and sexually motivated.
When you are over 40, exercise can help you reach the “second peak in physiological libido.”
  Self-love. Most men and women who exercise regularly have not only a healthy body, but also an enviable body shape.
Therefore, you will like yourself more.
Because good shape indicates that the various systems of your body are operating normally.
At this time, your sexual ability, rhythm and frequency are also normal, and your psychological intentions and effects are good.
This is because once you pay attention to the fitness of your body, you tend to love yourself more, and at the same time, when your spouse is more fit through exercise, you will also love her (him) more.
  协调性 运动生理学家认为,锻炼带来的一系列生理变化之所以能引发性生活中的“第二春”,是因为身体各系统通过锻炼后,能激发性激素与性气味的释放,从而更好To coordinate sexual life.
  In addition to self-confidence, exercise can promote physiological functions such as the heart.It can also enhance exercisers’ self-confidence.
Anthropologist Vuitton’s survey of female swim enthusiasts showed that after months of exercise, their sexual desire increased significantly and sexual satisfaction was easier to obtain.
  Happiness Scientific research confirms that the body releases a magical endorphin substance during exercise.
This substance has an excitatory effect, is good for triggering sexual impulses, and makes it easier for people to enter orgasm.
Therefore, it is necessary for couples to do some exercises beforehand.
  Blood gas related experts believe that insufficient blood gas supply will weaken the male genital erectile function.
In addition, people with high levels of cholesterol in the body are injected into the bloodstream due to the obstruction of blood flow, which limits the amount of blood supply to the sexual area and organs, and insufficient blood supply can cause male impotence.
People who exercise regularly can lower their cholesterol, so few of them will have arterial embolism.
Exercise promotes blood circulation throughout the body, including the pelvic area and the sexual organs, and therefore improves sexual life “indirectly”.
  Capability Most experts in sexual studies believe that exercise increases physical vitality.
Even for some outdoor activities with a small amount of exercise, it can also significantly increase muscle strength, organ function and joint flexibility, so that sexual activities and sexual processes are full of romantic interest.
In addition, the sexual process also requires a certain amount of physical strength, and exercise enhances people’s endurance. Even mild exercise, 3 times a week, 1 hour each time, can effectively increase the amount of body and pit fatigue, so that you are in bedIt has a more lasting and agile, active, slow-moving taste.
  The effect of exercise on promoting sexual vitality is obvious and subtle, but the amount of exercise must be moderate, and a reasonable amount of exercise can bring about an improvement in sexual life.
Expert advice: Exercise 3 times a week.
30-60 minutes each time, it is advisable to moderate the amount of exercise, the exercise mode can be changed at any time.
If you exercise too strictly and vigorously, it will cause fatigue and decrease of “sexual interest”.

10 answers to daily skin care questions


10 answers to daily skin care questions

Regarding beauty, everyone will have a lot of questions. Why do the skin care products you bought back costless?

Why do I do hydration every day and my skin is dry in the future?

Why the rest is good, the skin will become rough, etc. There are many questions about beauty!

Open the mailbox, summarize the answers and share with you according to the questions sent by netizens!


hzh {display: none; }  涂抹式的眼膜,需要抹多厚才会有效?  If you have chosen word-of-mouth, the application type eye mask with the ingredients above the level, as long as it is thicker than the thickness of the general application eye cream; Note that it is best to wait 5-10 minutes after application before going to bed to avoid being completely absorbedApplying eye cream on the pillow reduces the absorption and affects the effect.

  How to know the shelf life of skincare products after opening?

  Now a lot of European and American skin care bottles have a small logo on the body (this small logo is usually below the back of the skin care bottle).

It then marks the “shelf life after opening the product”, for example: 12M means that it can be stored for 12 months, and 6M of course means that it can be stored for June!

  How does sensitive skin solve the problem of enlarged pores?

  If it is not suitable for scrub products, you can use a basic mask, but it is recommended to avoid massage.

In fact, the pores are large and should start with daily cleaning and moisturizing.

  Squeezing acne can transform acne to recover sooner?

  ”Acne removal and drainage” is feasible, depending on the timing and method of squeezing acne, otherwise it will cause the spread of bacterial infection and scarring.

It is recommended that after the redness and swelling slightly receded and the pus head turned yellow and swollen, it was picked out by a professional beautician with a disinfected stick needle.

Immediately afterwards, apply pure tea tree oil to sterilize, which can effectively help acne repair.

Another little recipe is to apply the salicylic acid product immediately when you have acne-how do you know if your skin is also infected?

  The face will feel itchy at night.

The phenomenon that the skin gradually becomes rough.

Get up in the morning with a soft paper, and gently wipe the grease on both sides of the nose or forehead.

The pores gradually become thicker and larger, and the pores around the nose have blackheads and increase.

Acne, pimples recur.

Small red pimples are born on the chest and back.

If these symptoms appear, your skin may already be infected with retinas!

  The secret of fair skin at night?


hzh {display: none; }  白天彻底做好隔离和防晒,美白工作才算做了一半,这只是让皮肤中的黑色素不再增加了。The long night is an excellent time to repair skin cells and restore melanin.

With the ability of simple skin to restore itself, it is better to follow up and use whitening products that can reduce melanin, which will speed up the whitening process.

  Does your skin get better after getting enough sleep?

  This is not the case: nighttime is the time when skin toxins are most active, and toxins can cause skin fibers to break and damage, causing the skin’s fiber reserves to be gradually exhausted, and localized areas of the skin to sink, causing wrinkles.

Therefore, when a woman reaches a certain age, it is not enough to ensure only sleep time. It must be replaced with a night cream that can inhibit the destruction of toxins and stimulate the synthesis of new fibers. Why does the skin feel that it is too slow to absorb the skin care products?

  The moisture of skin care products needs to be adjusted according to the season and the skin condition. For oily skin, it is suitable to use a light lotion or gel-like skin care product. For normal mixed skin, you should also choose a light product when there is a lot of oil in summer.

But the skin absorbs skin care products slowly, and another important reason is often overlooked, that is, the excessive accumulation of dead skin cells, which affects the absorption of moisturizers.

  How to improve skin yellowing?

  Reasons, fatigue, stress, lack of water, and slow metabolism can cause severe yellowing and darkening.

First of all, we must improve our bad living habits, have enough sleep, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, maintain a happy mood, and cooperate with the use of skin care products, so that we can do more with less.You can choose to use whitening products together with masks that remove dark yellow.

  Is it normal to feel tight after cleansing?

  The feeling of tightness after cleansing is firstly because cleansing will take away some of the water and nutrients from the facial skin; secondly, some facial cleansers contain chemical cleansers that may remain after use, which may cause dry and tight skin; of course, you may chooseCleansing products are too strong, and some combination skin substitutes cleaning products suitable for oily skin.

So the causes of tightness vary.

Caring for mentally ill patients out of depression

Caring for mentally ill patients out of depression

Core reminder: October 10, 2011 is the 20th World Mental Health Day, and the theme of this year’s International Mental Health Day is “Take Common Responsibility and Promote Mental Health”.

  With the acceleration of the pace of life and the intensification of competition, modern people are bearing more and more psychological shocks and pressures, and various mental health problems represented by depression are also increasing.

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 50,000 to 70,000 patients with severe mental illness in Guangzhou, of which 90% have not received systematic and effective treatment.

How to promote mental health and prevent mental illness is imminent.

  In order to arouse the public’s mental health problems that are of common concern to the society, on the occasion of the 20th World Mental Health Day, Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital held a theme of mental health on the theme of “depression, get rid of you and me, and care for everyone”.Day activities, and set up a team of Baiyun “Sunshine Angel”, “help disabled” volunteer service team.

  Volunteers participate in the care of psychiatric patients and care is brought to life. It is reported that the volunteer service team will interact with patients with psychiatric convalescence under the guidance of medical staff of Baiyun Psychological Hospital and carry out various forms of activities.

Such as playing musical instruments, learning dance, songs, reading together, performing movies and music appreciation, game labor, dialogues, performances, outings and other activities, to achieve a small wish for patients within the scope of volunteers, according to the patient’s reasonableNeed to provide various services, adjust and mobilize the patient’s enthusiasm through various activities, enable the two sides to communicate with each other’s mind and heart, accept familiarity and affirmation, open the patient’s heart to realize the concern and care given by the society, and enable the volunteers to have a correct understanding of the mental illness.
  Volunteer Xiao Weng from South China Normal University talked to reporters about the situation of a rehabilitated visit at the Baiyun Psychological Hospital: Aunt Luo, an ordinary sanitation worker, has been since he was fired 10 years ago.Depression, since then volunteered to clean at the Guangzhou Railway Station every day, and persisted for 10 years. In August this year, Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital provided rescue treatment to Luo Yi.

Xiao Weng said that when she first started chatting with Aunt Luo, she did not know how to communicate with her. Although the medical staff took good care of her, she often refused to take medicine.

The attentive Xiaoweng mastered the law of Aunt Luo’s life, knowing that she likes to tell stories, watch TV, and loves cleaning. Xiaoweng took the time to chat with Aunt Luo, listen to her past stories, and also asked Aunt Luo for some cleaning youngsters.Common sense, communicating with her on this topic, her words suddenly increased.

  It is understood that after two months of treatment, Aunt Luo has basically recovered, and allowing volunteers to participate in the daily care of mental patients is actually more to arouse society and family care for mental patients.

Do parents know their children?

Do parents know their children?

On the afternoon of March 21st, US time, Jeff, a middle school student in Minnesota, USA?

After shooting his grandfather and his partner, Weiss rushed to the Red Lake Middle School where he was studying and launched a killing ring. Finally, he committed suicide by shooting a gun, resulting in a tragedy of 10 deaths and 14 injuries.

Although Jeff’s specific motive for the killing is unknown, he is known to be lonely, often alone, and lives in a very unsound family: his father committed suicide 4 years ago, and his mother suffered serious brain injuries in a car accident.

Imagine if Jeff had a complete home, if Jeff’s psychological problems could be promptly channeled, if . for Jeff, there was no if.

  Changes in a child do not happen overnight.

Do you really know your child as a parent?

If you want to cultivate a mentally healthy child, and want to know the child’s inner changes, then talk to him or her more.

  -After the editor counseled a middle school student with severe suicidal behavior, I would like to know the child’s condition from the student’s parents. Unfortunately, I received very little information from them.

The reason is that the parents rarely talk to their children.

We also often hear some parents disappointed: it is difficult or even impossible to communicate with their children.

Because there is little communication on weekdays, when parents really have something to talk to their children, they cannot talk about it, forming stereotypes and estrangements.

One parent, his daughter from college, came back on vacation and one night pointed to him at more than three o’clock in the middle of the night. He was very happy at that time, because that was the first long conversation between their father and daughter in life.

In fact, whether it is from the child’s educational growth or physical health considerations, as a parent, it is very important to develop a habit with the child’s personality.

  At present, many families have unique problems with their children.

The US Department of Education has conducted a survey. American mothers and children have a 30-minute interval between each other. Working mothers average 10.

7 minutes, father possibility.

In contrast, American adults spend an average of 6 hours shopping per week and 30 hours watching TV.

Although no authoritative survey is currently being conducted, it is understood that many parents spend very little time communicating with their children every day.

  Frequent communication with children is conducive to the cultivation of children’s cheerful, optimistic, balanced, and upward mental quality, and to reduce and prevent the occurrence of psychological disorders.

A large number of cases in psychological counseling have confirmed that most children and adolescents with mental disorders suffer from communication with their parents.

In addition, there are many advantages to a child’s personality. ★ Personality is the foundation of understanding: A kindergarten teacher said, “I want children to speak, because if they do not speak, they will not think.

“Personality can exercise children’s ability to express, learn to think, and learn to observe.

  ★ Personality is the basis of learning to live: the root of the problem is the nature of the child. From the Q & A with adults, children can learn a lot of common sense in life.

  ★ Personality is as important as school education: such as oral expression.

Studies have found that children who can communicate more often with their parents have better academic performance.

Homosexuals confess their inner distress and miss their wives after chasing happiness

Homosexuals confess their inner distress and miss their wives after chasing happiness

Marriage and wife have lived together for more than three years, Liu Feng can hardly sleep every night. At last, he told his wife about his feelings and proposed a divorce . It was just a fast food restaurant that was silent for two minutes.He could clearly hear the voices suppressing a certain emotion and started his narration.

His hands kept clinging to the table.

  Feng Feng was born in a county, primary school, middle school, and university in Jilin Province, and he has always been smooth.

Feng Feng met his ex-wife at school and began to fall in love.

Gradually, Liu Feng felt that he really didn’t have much interest in women, and then he discovered that he had a homosexual tendency in his subconscious.

  After graduating from college, Liu Feng and his ex-wife arrived in Guangzhou together and had an antique wedding. They lived together for more than three years, and his wife gave him a boy.

“But the longer I live with my wife, the stronger my disgust and resentment.

In the days when he lived with his wife, Liu Feng could hardly sleep every night.

Finally, one day, he confided all his feelings to his wife for so many years and proposed a divorce.

“When we got the divorce done, I knew I was finally free.

“Feng Feng described his long” all like a child “after his divorce. He left his figure in many gay places in Guangzhou. He started dating and chatting with” oneself “. After the love divorce, many gaysFeng Feng was left in the gathering places. He dated and chatted with “his own” and started his unsuccessful “homosexual relationship.” Liu Feng was doing business in Guangzhou with a lot of income.At its hottest, Liu Feng met his “first love boyfriend”-Jun (pseudonym) at a gay bar.

  The two fell in love at first sight and soon surrounded the love.

In the nearly two years that the two have been together, Liu Feng said that he was “very happy. Family, children and the future don’t have to think about it. It is enough to feel the happiness and happiness.”

  In 2000, Liu Feng’s business was in trouble. At this time, Liu Feng felt that Jun’s “attachment” to him was no longer so strong.

In desperation, Liu Feng ended his business in Guangzhou and returned to Changchun, and has never contacted Jun since.

  After returning to Changchun, Liu Feng was still a veteran, and in his spare time, he went to some gay gathering places in Changchun.

One day in 2002, Liu Feng met Qiang (pseudonym), a 10-year-old man, in a park in Changchun.

“Jiang is a company’s warehouse administrator. He doesn’t have much salary and has a hard life. I was moved by his misfortune.

Later, Liu Feng bought another house in Changchun and began living with He Qiang.

During this period, Liu Feng was responsible for all the expenses of the two, and once over his birthday, Liu Feng even spent millions to host a birthday party for him in a star hotel.

In 2004, Qiang was sentenced to 6 months in jail for embezzlement of public funds during his time in office, but Liu Feng never thought of leaving him. He went to the shelter every week to look at Qiang, and brought food and clothing .”People” are happy, but Liu Feng also has to bear a lot of pressure. He often wants a little in this circle. This struggle is getting more and more intense with age. Liu Feng does not have much for two homosexual relationships.Regrettably, he said: “This relationship will not last long, and I will not hope for long and forever.

Reporter: Are you really happy and happy in the two homosexual relationships?

  Liu Feng: It should be happy when we get along with them, but after all, there are not many people accepted in this society, and I still have to bear a lot of pressure.

During the time I was with them, I often felt pain and wanted to leave the circle.

This struggle is getting stronger as I get older, and I now want to live a normal life.

  Reporter: At the beginning, I had this kind of suffering and struggle, so why not choose to quit early?

  Feng Liu: When I was young, I always liked chasing happiness. At that time, I was young and didn’t think much about my future life, but now I am getting older. I start to miss my wife and son.

  Reporter: In this case, what really makes it difficult for you to leave?

  Liu Feng: Two reasons. The reason is that Qiang has a high degree of emotional and economic dependence. I am afraid that my departure will cause him to do some extreme things.

At the same time I don’t know if I really resume normal life, my wife will accept me, and I also worry about whether I can overcome my psychology.

  Reporter: Where can I help you?

Do you need me to contact some experts in this field?

  Liu Feng: I’ll tell you all the torment in my heart. I’m much better now, and I have confidence in returning to normal life.

You are willing to listen to me and say that it is the greatest help. I still have to deal with such matters in the end.

  专家决定了就努力恢复正常生活,必要时可以求助心理帮助一位同性恋者曾这样感慨:“其实我们是正常人,也渴望在阳光下自由地生活,可由于性取向不同,就被当作‘怪物’,过着不正常的生活。”Zheng Husheng, associate professor of the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, said: At present, the survival situation of this special group of homosexuals is still very difficult.

Take Liu Feng, for example, since he has already returned to the idea of normal life, he should work hard according to his own decision. When communicating with Qiang, he can point out and persuade him through the experience of others, so that Qiang can finally return to normal life.
At the same time, some psychological correction institutions can be corrected, and necessary psychological assistance can be given at this time.

Hot Yoga Go to Water but not to Fat

Hot Yoga Go to “Water” but not to “Fat”

In the past two years, hot yoga has become popular in major fitness clubs and yoga studios.
This kind of yoga is practiced under artificially high temperature environment. A few simple stretching movements or even lying on the ground can make you sweat. It is not difficult to lose one kilogram in a lesson. People who want to lose weight see hope in it.
  Is hot yoga really such a “spiritual”?
actually not.
When the body is under high temperature, the blood naturally flows to the epidermis to help dissipate heat. If stretching exercises are performed at the same time, muscles also need blood to provide energy. In addition, the body sweats a lot, quickly dehydrates, and the blood becomes sticky.Skin cooling and muscle movement provide energy, and the body may experience a series of discomforts.
What’s more, yoga is about peace of mind, and high temperature can lead to mental stress, which itself runs counter to the peace of yoga.
  In fact, losing weight is to lose “fat”, not water.
Many people find that they can lose weight by about 1 kg after the high-temperature yoga class ends, and they think that they have lost weight. This is misleading.
In a high temperature environment, the body will sweat more in order to maintain normal physiological functions, but this does not mean burning fat.
In fact, most of this “minus” weight is water, and they must be replenished.
  Secondly, if you want to lose weight effectively, you should meet three basic conditions: moderate to low-intensity aerobic exercise, systemic exercise, lasting more than 20 minutes.
For the last two, yoga can satisfy, but not the first.
  Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise mode with less intensity, longer duration, and full participation of oxygen during the metabolism process in the body, and common running, swimming, cycling and so on.
When we do long-term aerobic exercise, the body will use glycogen and fat at the same time. When the exercise intensity is about 65% of the maximum oxygen intake, the body relies more on fat for energy.
Yoga is of little value for cardiopulmonary endurance and muscle endurance training.
Therefore, high-temperature yoga is not aerobic and the intensity of exercise is not large enough, so the effect of weight loss is not great.

How to replenish yang with cold all seasons

How to replenish yang with cold all seasons

The human body is constant temperature and always maintains a certain temperature. This is because there is a “little sun” in our body, which can provide energy for the growth and development of the human body.

Normal people experience seasonal changes, with cold temperatures plus or minus clothes.

But there are some people around us who wear a lot in winter and feel cold, and in summer they have to make themselves thick.

Some people dare not drink cold water in summer; some people have cold limbs all year round, and they are afraid of cold throughout their bodies.

Many people don’t know how to treat it. Even if they go to the hospital for examination, they can’t find anything wrong. They can only spend the year and year in the cold.

“Traditional Chinese medicine theory explains that these people belong to Yang Deficiency.

“The famous Chinese medical expert Diao Benshu articles.

  Case Afraid of Lengxi, Hot and Yang. “All say women are made of water, I may be made of ice, you hold my hand so ice.

According to Ms. Wang, she was a bit afraid of cold when she was a child. When she grows up, her body becomes more and more afraid of cold. This is the case all year round. In winter, it is the most uncomfortable. I feel like I am going to be a snowman.

I usually dare not touch cold things. I wash my feet and face with hot water, and I eat hot food. I eat cold food and diarrhea.

Usually, my spirit is not very good, so I want to sit quietly and don’t like sports.

Especially in summer, the people around are wearing sexy summer clothes, but they are tightly covered.

The beauty of women’s summer can never be shown, and they are also called “strange people” by the people around them.

For this cold life in the future, Ms. Wang has gone to too many hospitals.

But every time I go to check nothing happens, the method many doctors call is to recommend more exercise.

Mr. Diao believes that Ms. Wang’s symptoms can be summarized as being afraid of cold and hot, typical symptoms of insufficient yang.

It may be due to the deficiency of yang qi at a young age and has not been effectively treated for many years, leading to the current deficiency of yang.

  Misunderstanding Life Unscientific Consumption of Yang Qi in the body Professor Wang Qi believes that “yang deficiency” is a holistic concept, including kidney yang deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, heart yang deficiency, etc. The simple is simply that the fire of life is not strong.
Among them, the relationship between kidney yang deficiency and physical yang deficiency is the most prominent.

The most typical manifestation of yang deficiency is that the human body is cold, afraid of cold, and likes hot things.

Why do some people have yang deficiency constitution?

Professor Wang Qi analyzed that this is closely related to the unscientific life of modern people.

Summer is here, and people always keep cold food.

Women like to eat ice cream and men like to drink cold beer.

Plus some watermelon, pears and other cold fruits that are often eaten in summer.

All day long, the stomach is full of cold food.

When these cold foods are eaten into the stomach, they will consume a little of the yang in the body. Before long, the yang in the body will be less and less, and the human body will become colder.

Modern people have a rich night life, with night shifts and entertainment, and staying up late has become a habit.

As everyone knows, this lifestyle is also consuming the yang in the body.

  Director Diao believes that the loss of Yang Qi is not just about being afraid of cold and hot.

Because yang is the driving force for the growth and development of the human body, it is also an important element to maintain human health.

Therefore, insufficient body yang will cause more diseases.

The most common are cough, hypertension, diarrhea, impotence in men, dysmenorrhea in women, etc.

Therefore, maintaining yang in one’s own body should cause everyone’s approval.

  It is so important to regulate your life and raise the yang gas. How can you raise it in your life?

Professor Wang Qi recommended three small methods: First, use moxibustion to meditate the veins.

The Du vein is the midline of the back of the human body, and the distance from the cervical spine to the coccyx connects the body’s yang.

Coupled with the warming effect of moxibustion, it can replenish yang.The second is to use hot water to iron the feet. There are many acupoints on the feet, especially the Yongquan points on the soles of the feet. The stimulation of this point with hot water can adjust the body’s yang.

Many people have this feeling, hot feet can quickly eliminate fatigue, and the body is easy to warm up.

In the cold winter, you can feel warm when you burn your feet.

The third is to use a wooden stick. After getting up every morning, you can pat your supervisor and the whole body up and down, and feel warm and warm all over your body.

This method can also warm up the yang well.

Director Diao also recommended a diet therapy, people with yang deficiency can often eat “Angelica ginger mutton soup”.

Each time you can choose 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of lamb and stew in a wok over low heat.

This diet can be used to replenish yang qi, dispel cold and relieve pain, and is especially suitable for people with winter or yang deficiency.

How to eat lamb in winter

How to eat lamb in winter

During winter, lamb is popular.

Its sweet taste is warm and rich in feces, protein, glucose, inorganic salts and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

In addition to rich nutrition, mutton can also supplement impotence, premature ejaculation, dysmenorrhea, postpartum deficiency, abdominal pain and cold hernia, stomach cold and abdominal pain, lack of appetite, weak lung, chronic cough and other diseases.

However, what should be paid attention to when eating lamb in winter?

  Lamb stew is the most nutritious. After lamb stew, it is more cooked, tender and easy to digest.

Cooked meat soup is a good nourishment for the body.

Moreover, if you add appropriate Chinese medicine or nutritionally complementary foods during the stew, the nourishing effect will be scaled up.

Such as angelica mutton soup, wolfberry mutton soup, astragalus mutton soup, mutton radish soup, mutton tofu soup, trotter mutton soup and so on.

  Reasonably paired with anti-fire mutton warm, often eaten easily get angry.

Therefore, when eating lamb, it is necessary to match cold and Ganping vegetables, which can cool, detoxify, and eliminate fire.

Cool vegetables include winter gourd, loofah, spinach, cabbage, enoki mushroom, mushroom, scallion, bamboo shoots, etc. It is best to eat tofu with lamb, it can supplement a variety of trace elements, and gypsum can clear away heat and fire, and remove troubleThe effect of quenching thirst; while mutton and radish are placed in a dish, it can fully exert the coolness of radish, which can eliminate stagnation and phlegm heat.

In addition, mutton is anti-pinellia, calamus, should not be used together.

  The time of lamb lamb should not be short. Lamb lamb can better preserve the active nutrients in lamb, but it should be noted that the fresher meat pieces should be as fresh as possible, cut thinner, and blanched in a boiling pot for about 1 minute. The color of the meatIt can be eaten from bright red to gray, and the time should not be too short, otherwise the bacteria and parasite eggs in the meat slice cannot be completely killed.

The temperature in the hot pot soup is high, and it is best to keep it boiling.

  The soup of lamb mutton is not suitable for drinking. Many people think that the soup of lamb mutton is nutritious. In fact, it is the opposite. It takes more than an hour to eat lamb mutton. During this period, many ingredients such as ingredients, mutton that has not been removed are continuously mixed and boiled at high temperatureChemical reactions will occur between each other.

Studies have shown that the substances produced after these food reactions have no defects on the human body and may even lead to the occurrence of certain diseases.

  Should not be used with vinegar, pumpkin and tea in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “mutton with vinegar is heartbreaking.”

Lamb is hot, vinegar is sweet and warm, is similar to wine, and both are cooked together, which is easy to cause fire and blood.

Therefore, vinegar should not be added to mutton soup.

Lamb is rich in protein, and tea contains a lot of supplemental acids. Drinking tea immediately after eating mutton will produce a substance called metabolizing acid and protein, which can easily cause constipation. If eaten with pumpkin, it can easily cause jaundice and athlete’s foot.disease.

  The mutton is delicious and should be moderate while the mutton is warm and hot. Excessive consumption will cause some lesions to develop and aggravate the disease.

In addition, after ingesting a large amount of protein and a small amount, due to liver disease, metabolic functions such as oxidation, decomposition, and absorption cannot be completely completed, which increases the burden of hypertension and can cause disease; often tongue erosion, red eyes, mouth pain, irritability,Sore throat, swollen gums and diarrhea should not eat more.

  Avoid using copper to cook “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “The lamb is cooked with copper: men are sun-damaged, women are under the sun; sex is so different, we must know.

“The reason is that copper meets acids or bases and under high heat conditions, it causes chemical changes to form copper salts.

Lamb is a high-protein food. When the two are cooked together, some toxic substances will be produced, which will endanger human health. Therefore, it is not suitable to cook lamb in a copper pot.

Cute moves make her husband bad habits

Cute moves make her husband “bad habits”

Two people live under the same roof. It’s not good for anyone to hit it hard. It’s a wife who has a lot of mischief and a bad temper. He also has a bad reputation.
Therefore, when faced with her husband’s “bad habits”, it is difficult to change. Do not be angry, do not worry, calm down, and change the way to deal with, may have a good effect.
  My husband had one of the biggest problems in the past: I didn’t sleep at night and couldn’t afford it in the morning.
  Regardless of his bad health, this habit caused him to delay a lot of important things. Later, through my understanding of him, I never asked him to make corrections directly, but instead used “alternative” methods to correct him.
Case one: Before bedtime in the morning, my husband was bedtime in the morning. I used the methods of nagging, anger, slamming the door, and being smashed. Afterwards, I added persuasion education to “consolidate” the education process.
  The two have lived for a long time, and gradually grasped her husband’s temperament and preferences. So one morning, when he was out of bed again, I stood in front of the bed and sang the adapted nursery rhymes over and over again: 我 的小猪最可爱 每天早上不赖床 一叫他起他就起 提着裤子去嘘嘘 呵呵,开始的时候每天早上唱5678遍老公才起床,到现在刚唱一个开头,老公就一骨碌的爬起来了, Grabbing my pajamas myself, and didn’t forget to ask me, “Wife, am I good?
“” Good ~~~ “I kissed him loudly:” My husband is the best!
“However, I got tired of singing a nursery rhyme a few times, so I adapted a new nursery rhyme, funny and playful lyrics, my husband always” giggled “in the duvet, and then got up obediently.
Case two: Do n’t sleep at night. My husband likes watching sports on the Sports Channel. The live broadcast rebroadcast does not miss anything. Often because I watch too late at night, I ca n’t get up the next day.
I have never objected to watching the weekend, all night is OK. The question is how to make him sleep well during normal working hours?
  It used to be that women’s usual methods have been used: coquettish, noisy, angry, language bombardment . no effect!
  Then one day, I was uncomfortable with insomnia at night because of a cold. My husband did n’t know how to coax me to sleep, so I patted me a few stars . I immediately thought of a good trick: “My husband, I will not oppose youWatching the ball, but you have to hold me and watch, responsible for shooting me to coax me to sleep.
“Her husband was embarrassed, but thought that he could watch the ball uncontrollably, so he agreed.
  Hehe, as a result, when my husband often coaxed me to sleep, he was also drowsy.
  Because he is usually sleepy at that point, because no one cares about him, he always fights hard to watch, now I’m fine, I fell asleep in his arms, the TV volume turned off, and catered to his ownWith the beat, I was still humming the soft and lullaby, and he was sleepy for a while.
  Through the “Get Up Song” in the morning and the “Lullaby Song” in the evening, about two weeks or so, my husband’s sleep has been adjusted. By now, he must be fighting with his eyelids before 12 o’clock, because in the morning, he ca n’t rely onIt’s bed.
  People have different personalities, tempers, and preferences. Sisters should not easily use “temper” as a weapon in their lives, and “唠叨” is the first weapon that upsets and dislikes men, and it should not be used lightly.
  In the final analysis, “guide” is the most important thing. In marriage, you have to make more brain teasers. Don’t go head-to-head with your husband. If the effect is not achieved, the time will also make her husband’s happiness decrease.!!
  Bless the sisters of the siege, have a beautiful mood, happy life!

Getting Started: Basic Etiquette in Yoga

Getting Started: Basic Etiquette in Yoga

Yoga etiquette respects basic etiquette1, has tolerance, and is regarded as a coach and other books, just as you want to be respected by others.

  2, choose loose clothing suitable for limb contraction, do not wear jeans or skirts, do not wear shoes or socks, please keep your feet clean.

  3, enter the classroom in advance, do not be late to avoid coaches and other books waiting; if there is no special reason, please adhere to the full practice, do not leave the classroom early.

  4. Remember to study in the classroom and avoid disturbing others by going to the wrong classroom.

  5. Don’t make loud noises when entering the classroom, don’t disturb and laugh loudly, let yourself enter a peaceful and peaceful state of yoga.

  6. Do not bring containers such as drinking glasses into the classroom.

  7, in the course, do not talk and laugh, talk to other scholars.

  8. Do not bring your mobile phone into the classroom to avoid disturbing others.

  9, hands folded after class, praise namaste, thank yoga, thank the teacher for all our health and joy.