Cervical spine yoga for computer users

Cervical spine yoga for computer users


Nine percent of computer ethnicities have varying degrees of cervical spine fractures.

Imitating animal postures in yoga can make our cervical spine more comfortable and healthier.

  Practice time: Daily practice.

  Kingfisher-style action: sit on your knees on the floor, put your hands on both thighs, and inhale.

Exhale slowly back to make the top of the head gradually touch the ground, hands folded on the chest.

  Role: Gyro spine, anatomy and back muscles.

  Cat retracting action: kneel on the floor with both hands to support the body.

Inhale, tilt your spine downwards, lift your head, draw your neck upwards, and tilt your head up.

Exhale, with chest, arched back, neck down, and abdominal muscles tightened, arching the entire chest upwards.

  Role: The spine and surrounding muscle groups are more elastic, and the relaxation and shoulders make the hip muscles work in harmony.

  Bull face action: sit on the floor, legs crossed each other, knees up and down a straight line, feet on the opposite side of the side.

Hands are tied behind the back, keeping the hips straight.

If you feel difficult, grab a towel with both hands, the effect is the same.

  Role: Correct the cervical spine, spine, expand the tibia, relax the shoulder joint, and make the latissimus dorsi contract.

Excessive whitening and tooth destruction

Excessive whitening and tooth destruction

There is an aesthetic view in Europe that “the perfect woman” should include elements such as “Egyptian eyes, Greek noses and American teeth”.

Indeed, Americans have worked hard on their teeth.

According to NBC Television, it is expected that by 2007, Americans ‘spending on tooth whitening will grow to $ 10 billion.

However, dentists have recently warned that tooth whitening should be moderate, because almost all tooth whitening technologies will bring varying degrees of replacement.

  Dentist Ms. Zhao told reporters that the most popular tooth whitening method in the United States is “1 hour laser fast whitening.”

After covering the inaccessible areas such as the gums, the dentist applies a high concentration of bleaching agent to the teeth, and then irradiates the laser to heat the agent, so that the whitening agent can quickly penetrate into the teeth, thereby removing the tooth surface and deep pigments.The purpose needs to be done once a year.

  Dr. Zhao introduced that, like “1 hour laser whitening quickly”, the current fashionable tooth whitening methods, such as whitening tooth pastes, whitening toothpastes, and tooth whitening membranes, all require the use of hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient.Different products have different hydrogen peroxide concentrations.

The American Dental Association has warned that when the hydrogen peroxide contained in whitening agents reaches 15-35%, it can easily cause problems such as tooth sensitivity, oral soft tissue or gum irritation.

The association has also eliminated two cases of oral cancer caused by tooth whitening in the United States, warning people to avoid excessive whitening of teeth.

  In addition, although porcelain tooth whitening method has a long-lasting effect, it needs to be ground very small to make it. Distortion of the tooth structure causes damage, which is also not good for tooth health.

  Doctor Zhao also mentioned that the American Dental Association has long pointed out that children under 14 must not be whitening teeth.

If ordinary people want to accept whitening of teeth, they must go to the dentist before. If the gums are not healthy, they cannot do it blindly.

  Doctor Zhao suggested that, in fact, the best way to whiten your teeth is to drink less dark drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine, eat less curry, especially to quit smoking, rinse your mouth after meals, and remove bacteria and pigments on your teeth in time.

  Too many dental experts believe that the whiteness of the teeth is equivalent to the color of their white eyes. If the whitening effect is too prominent, it will affect the harmony of the face.

Dental experts also recommend that using whitening toothpaste in moderation will work better.

You can also use silver, white jewelry, red, dark lipstick, and avoid wearing white clothes to set off your teeth.

“The most natural beauty product is a smile.

Doctor Zhao said so.

How much water is good for baby milk powder and not lower than 70 ℃

How much water is good for baby milk powder and not lower than 70 ℃

When breastfeeding is not possible, formula is definitely the best choice for novice parents. How much water should be used for baby formula?

Let ‘s take a look with Xiaobian!

  How much water is used to make infant milk powder? Breast milk is the most natural and nutritious food source for babies. The World Health Organization recommends replacing pure breast milk before 6 months to achieve optimal growth.

In order to meet the baby’s growth and development needs, Baoma needs to add supplementary food to the baby, supplement the extra nutrition needed by the body, and continue to replace breast milk until the baby is about two years old.

  That being said, taking care of children requires a lot of income. In Chinese families, it is difficult for one person’s economic income to support the entire family’s expenditures. The baby is a little older. Bao Ma will return to the workplace.After a month, weaning will basically occur.

  After weaning, what Bao Ma has to face is to make milk powder for the baby. Many novice parents think that making milk powder is very simple, just like making coffee, just stir and mix well.

In fact, details about milk powder are exposed everywhere. What is the correct water temperature like milk powder?

  The temperature of the brewing milk is higher than 70 ° C. For the temperature of the milk powder for the baby, there is a dispute between Baoma and some. It is believed that the water temperature of 50 ° C is OK, but some Baoma think that the water temperature is best controlled at 70Above ℃, how much should the temperature of the milk for the baby be controlled?

  The World Health Organization conducts a risk assessment of milk powder brewed with water. Brewing milk powder with milk at 50 ° C increases the risk unless it is consumed immediately after brewing.

Therefore, it is recommended that the water temperature for brewing milk powder be controlled above 70 ° C. Why use such a high water temperature?

  Mainly because the formula contains Enterobacter sakazakii, a pathogenic bacteria. Although this pathogen has no effect on the health of adults, it has no effect on the health of adults.
Premature infants within 6 months may have a deadly threat. According to a paper published in the Chinese Journal of Food Hygiene, the bacterium can cause neonatal meningitis, bacteremia, enterocolitis, etc., under severe conditions.Will cause death.

  Many domestic and foreign milk powder brands have been monitored for Enterobacter sakazakii. In addition, in the process of brewing milk powder for babies, improper operation and brewing methods to replace milk powder are affected by external pollution such as the environment and people.
  Therefore, it is best to control the water temperature of the milk powder to be above 70 ° C, and the temperature should be high enough to inactivate pathogenic bacteria and harmful bacteria in the milk powder.

  Isn’t the 70 ° C milk powder scalding the baby?

  Let you brew milk powder with water at 70 ° C. It is not for you to give it to your baby immediately after it is soaked. It is strange that the child is not burned.

It is best to run it in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Wait until the temperature is suitable for the baby to drink.

  Why does the instruction manual of many milk powders suggest that the water temperature of the milk powder is 50 ℃?

  There is a certain risk of using milk at 50 ° C for milk powder. If you use milk at 50 ° C for milk powder, it is best to feed the milk powder to your baby in time.

  In the process of brewing milk powder for your baby, in addition to controlling the water temperature, you must also pay attention to the hygiene of the milk utensils to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

  What kind of water is best for milk powder?

  1. Purified water washed with milk powder or affected nutrition absorption. In recent years, water pollution problems have become increasingly serious, and continuous daily tap water has frequently caused everyone’s doubts.

Because of concerns about the health of their babies, more and more families are also using barreled pure water to heat their babies to make milk powder, which they think is the safest.

However, pure water does not contain the nutrients and minerals of ordinary tap water, which will affect the baby’s absorption of minerals for a long time. Therefore, milk powder prepared by pure water is not suitable for long-term drinking.

  2. Mineral water flushing milk powder affects the baby’s digestive function. Pure water does not contain any nutrients and minerals, so it is not suitable to prepare milk powder. Will replacing mineral water in barrels help absorption of minerals and nutrients?

In fact, mineral water has a lot of minerals and is complicated. It has too much phosphate and calcium phosphate, and the baby’s digestive function is not perfect. If you use mineral water to prepare milk powder for a long time, it will cause indigestion or constipation.

  3. The most suitable body for boiling milk powder with boiling tap water can absorb more than 90% of calcium from the water. It is best to replace boiled tap water with formula milk powder.

At present, household tap water has undergone scientific treatment and its quality meets standards.

After boiling the tap water, let it cool down to about 40 ° C and drip it on the wrist.

In addition, it should be noted that the powdered milk cannot be directly heated with boiling water, which directly changes the agglomeration of the powdered milk to block the pacifier and affect the baby’s intake. Excessive water will destroy the immune active substances and other nutrients in the powdered milk.It makes whey protein hard to absorb.

And for a long time, tap water that has been boiled again cannot be used for milk powder.

Be wary: half of cancers come from the mouth?

Be wary: half of cancers come from the mouth?

50% of all cancers worldwide are eaten.

This is a fact drawn by scientists after social investigation and scientific analysis.

  More and more studies show that cancer is related to lifestyle, especially dietary habits. If people can change bad dietary habits, then 60-70% of cancers can be prevented.

  Carcinogenic diet High-salt diet is the initial cause of esophageal cancer; a mildewed food contains aflatoxin, which is a strong carcinogen; cooking foods contain nitrosamines, which is a carcinogen; often eatenAn overheated diet can burn the mouth and esophageal epithelial cells, causing it to mutate into cellulose. Excessive consumption of spicy foods can also promote vitamin growth.

  What is a good diet? According to the analysis of scientists, it should include at least three aspects: reduce high-calorie foods, and daily metabolism should be replaced by 30% from micro-absorption; foods that reduce high cholesterol, per person per dayIt only needs to absorb the cholesterol content of an egg. Limit the consumption of sodium. Each person can absorb about 1-3 grams of sodium per kilocalorie per day, which is equivalent to 5 grams of salt. It can only consume 8 at most.Grams of salt.

  Good eating habits also require a variety of dietary structures, and first of all, it should meet the needs of the human body for transformation.

Emblem on the world of fairyland

Emblem on the world of fairyland

Santan is located in the southern part of Huixian County, 50 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of more than 400 square kilometers. 80% of the area belongs to virgin forests and secondary forests. The regional landscape is diverse and rich in content. There are alpine meadows, canyon caves, exotic flowers and plants, and Yunhai Day.It is a natural museum and a forest oxygen bar that combines natural and cultural landscapes, including sightseeing, leisure and holiday, climbing adventures, and biological inspections.

There are 72 large and small lawns in the area. The forests and lawns are patchwork and interesting. There are more than 200 natural and human landscapes, including Baihuaping, Moon Gorge, Wuzheng Kiln, Jialing River, Qingni Ridge and Baxian Peak.Ten scenic spots such as Tianti, Wuli Longtan, Nantianmen and Dayangshan.

  The Moon Gorge is more than 40 kilometers high. It is known as the Baili Changxia. The largest valley is 1000 meters deep. The water quality in the gorge is pure. The mountains on both sides of the strait, the gorge days, the twists and turns, the strange rocks, and the spring falls.

The upper section is a section of the ancient road built by the Three Kingdoms, with stone gates, ancient bridge sites and other cultural landscapes.

The gorge water originates from the Sun Mountain in the southeast of Santan Scenic Area, and is injected into the Jialing River in the southwest of Santan. The “Water Sutra” refers to this river as the spring street water.

Although the water is not very large, it is crystal clear and crystal clear. Because it is from the numerous springs in the Santan forest, it is very sweet to drink, and it also has the special effect of increasing appetite and appetizing spleen.

There is also an underground cave in the gorge, named Yanzi Cave. It is now more than 100 meters deep. The stalactites in the cave are very well developed and have different images. They are highly ornamental and deep to be further explored.

In addition, the Moon Gorge also has famous attractions such as Sifang Cave, Lion Cave, Wulong Cave, Lian Dan Cliff and Baxian Peak.

  Meiya Waterfall is one of the main landscapes of Santan Scenic Area in the south of Yanping Village in Santan. It is more than 200 meters high and is a waterfall. The water saving in summer and autumn increases, the waterfall flows down, the thunder is magnificent, magnificent and majestic.

Under the waterfall, it is like water falling from the sky, the momentum is compelling, and when the weather is fine, you can still see the waterfall rainbow.

In the dry season, it is as silky as it is, sings low and sings, watching it under the waterfall, flowing with the wind, the mist and the wind, don’t have some fun.

The highest point of the Meiya Waterfall is the Wangtian Ladder. It means that you can see the heavenly fairyland on the top of the mountain. When people climb the top of the cliff, there will be a feeling of “stunning the heavens.”

The height of the Tiantian Ladder is 2,314 meters, which is a great difference from the Moon Gorge. There are wide meadows and dense bamboo forests on the mountainside.

Legend has it that a long time ago, Mei Cliff was a heavenly manor with a plum tree on the hillside and the village was hidden in the plum forest.

The mountain-like fairy, full of plum blossoms, is as beautiful as it is, making Meiya famous.

Later, the mountain was occupied by bandits, and the manor became a barren hill. Slowly, the barren hills were covered with trees. To this day, there are the houses of the manor and the remains of the Chuan Temple.

  Located in the west of Santan Scenic Area, Dianshan Mountain is named after the Ming Dynasty.

The legend is that Zhu Yuanzhang was the practice temple of the Six Princesses, and the temple was moved to the Wuzheng Kiln under the mountain.

The north slope of Dazhan Mountain is like a knife, the odd and dangerous is unusual, the ridge is pine and cypress, the ancient wood is towering, and the Wuzheng ancient temple under the mountain is built in the cave. The cave is magnificent and magnificent. There are some murals and stone monuments in the Ming Dynasty.

  There are forests and secondary forests in the forests of Santan. There are many kinds of tree species, including Qinling parasitic, metasequoia, yew, white pine, silver fir and alfalfa. The medicinal plants and forests are all over the forest.Fungi and ornamental plants are even more exotic, especially the five-coloured azaleas and orchids that are brightly colored.

Wild animal species, including takin, leopard, red panda, monkey, musk, big cockroach, bear, wild boar, citron, arrow pig, deer, lynx, lobster, golden pheasant and other more than 40 kinds of national one, two types of protected animals.

According to observations, nearly a thousand takins are active in the Santan area. When the weather is fine, the takins will flock to the lawn for food. Sometimes they will be together with the local farmers’ cattle. The locals oftenA fan, a line up the mountain, is used to describe the activity of the takin.

  Jialing River is one of the important tributaries of the Yangtze River. It is named after the Jialing Valley in the Qinling Mountains. It merges with the Yongning River in Hui County, forming a mighty river, cutting a big road in the Wanshan Mountain.Canyon, the rock wall is steep, the peaks are steep, the reset is meticulous, and the landscape is beautiful.

The beautiful Jialing River is not only a landscape corridor, but also a great passage for ancient and modern businesses. The famous ancient Shu Road is built along the river. The vast Baocheng Railway flows down the river, forming a rich landscape of nature and humanity, history and modernity.
  Tianhe Ginkgo Garden is known as the Tianhe Village of Jialing Town, which is known as the hometown of Ginkgo.

Located on the banks of the Jialing River, Tianhe Village is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains and waters, and has a warm and humid environment, which creates conditions for the growth and reproduction of ginkgo.

Ginkgo biloba is the fourth-generation glacier relict plant, which was previously a unique tree species. On May 13, 1987, the People’s Daily announced to the world that ginkgo trees were the national tree.

There are 153 trees of ancient ginkgo trees in the garden. Some of them are ginkgo trees. It is called the Millennium Ginkgo King. Its tree poles have been changed several times, and its existing tree stems are more than four meters.It has become a fairy, and local people often come to burn incense and worship, in order to be happy and happy.

Ginkgo biloba, also known as ginkgo, can be used for longevity, health and beauty research. The leaves and fruits of Ginkgo biloba are rich in ginkgo ketone. It is an effective ingredient in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and has been widely used by modern medicine.

  The Jialing River rafting is a water sports tourism project with thrills and leisure.

Drifting the Jialing River, the valley is deep, the rock walls on both sides are steep, and it is known as the “Little Three Gorges”. Jiangbei is the main peak of Qingni Ridge at an altitude of 1946 meters. It is also a famous historical and cultural mountain in the Tang Dynasty.

The South Bank is a beautiful scenery of Santan Scenic Area. Among the drifting rivers, “the first line of splashing pearls and the blue mountains on both sides of the mountain” can experience the joy of fighting the wind and waves, and enjoy the natural picture of the Jialing River Shili Promenade.

  Flame Mountain, located on the banks of the Jialing River, surrounded by rivers and waters, is shaded by pines and cypresses. From a distance, the mountain is named after a flaming flame. It is also called a dragon, which is also known as Qinglong Mountain.

The north side of the mountain is the junction of Jialing River and Yongning River. The river passes through the flame mountain and wraps around a 360-degree bend. It turns the mountain into a pyramid-like peninsula, which not only makes the flame mountain steep and tall, but also becomes a unique Taoism.The famous mountain also created an important military relationship on the ancient Shu Road. The ancient stone fortress was still preserved on the mountain.

“The mountain is not high, there is a fairy name, the water is not deep, there is a dragon.” Every year, the first and the second day of the lunar calendar, the antique temples in the antiques attract the devotees from Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places to pray.Wishing, it is said that the Flame Mountain is very effective. As long as you pray in earnest, you can seek peace in the four seasons, and you will be able to accomplish things in addition to disasters.

In the east and west of the Flame Mountain, there are also the landscapes of Shenying Cliff, Lion Cliff and Elephant Mountain.

  The Huangsha River is named after the beach is golden yellow.

In ancient times, it was an important traffic fortress, a water and land terminal.Legend has it that during the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang made the wooden cows and horses here. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, there were Huangshayu, also called Jialing Temple. Originally, there was a large inscription on the rocks of Linjiang: “The Sichuan General Office Huangshayu New Warehouse”And later lost.

The Huangsha River is the only place where the Central Plains enters the country.

Wu Yuanheng, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a “Night of Jialing River” when he passed through here: “The wind lingers around the mountains and the mountains are empty and rainy.”

The road to the top of Jialing is white, and the west of the gate is more green.”

Yan Tao also wrote a “Jialing River”: “After the time, it is worth the autumn, but every time it is because of the scenery.”

It’s hard to make a knife dream in the future, and the moonlight is on the first floor.

  Jialing Town is built on the hillside of the river and is the commercial fortress on the ancient ramp.

Since the construction of the plank road in the Han Dynasty, it has become a must for the martyrdom.

In the Tang Dynasty, it became an official road and was highly valued by the court. Tang Xuanzong avoided the “An Shi’s chaos”, and Tang Yuzong was lucky to be in Sichuan.

Nowadays, Tianzhu has become a thoroughfare, and the Baocheng Railway has made the road of “difficult to go to the sky” a smooth road.

How White Collars Face Occupational Safety

How White Collars Face Occupational Safety

First, fear of unemployment.

For a simple example, the not-so-long-term dot-com bubble, the layoffs in the IT industry have caused practitioners and even “bystanders” to experience a serious fatigue fear. Those who have been sought after in the eyes of those who have never been beforeSense of insecurity.

  Second, disorderly fear.

It may be the influence of traditional Chinese culture. Most people expect “stability” in their careers. This is a “hierarchical complex”.

The actual situation in the workplace is that competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, and those with “hierarchical complexes” will be even more panicked.

When the enterprise is poorly managed, the division of labor is not clear, or when faced with new restructuring and reform, practitioners will feel insecure.

  Third, lack of belonging.

People always hope to establish a close relationship with a group, and desire to love and be loved in this group.

But when there is a lack of trust in the organization where they are located, and when the organization exceeds expectations, people find themselves in the organization and lack a sense of professional security.

  Fourth, dignity is threatened.

Work may not have increased confidence, but has hurt self-esteem.

The way leaders speak and act will put you in a state of tension, self-blame, and passiveness. At this time, you also lack a sense of occupational safety.

  Fifth, it may face failure.

When you finally reach a project and work hard for it, but encounter various external disturbances and risks, you may also face a strong sense of professional insecurity when you may face failure.

  Workplace-where is the least secure?

The survey shows that the most prominent performance of the sense of occupational crisis is the new economy enterprises represented by the industry. Due to the continuous bubble economy in this industry and the constant expansion of competition, the movement of employees has increased abnormally.Less prepared.

The white-collar workers in this industry are suddenly particularly hard. Even the popular “tiring with a computer and drinking it tea” can’t solve the sense of career crisis of white-collar workers, and still feel tired.

  In fact, it is the traditional manufacturing industry, mainly due to industry adjustments, corporate mergers and other circumstances that led to the layoffs of white-collar workers flowing into the market, and corporate reorganizations like this will increasingly penetrate into large Chinese companies, including those in China.Multinational foreign companies, so white-collar workers who have not yet experienced such industry oscillations are a little palpitated.

  The lack of a sense of occupational safety is a sign that the professional market and professionals are moving towards marketization. As a market professional, it must adapt to changes.

The process of responding to change is the process of standardizing the professional market.

The emergence of market requirements will inevitably no longer accomplish the old job from an early age.

From a personal point of view, if the individual’s knowledge structure changes, he will also actively ask for a change in his career.

  Security crisis solution to re-individual career planning-two things are more important: 1. When assessing self, you must objectively analyze whether your needs for occupational security are sufficient, so that security is more important to yourself, to avoidFacing an excessively turbulent environment when there is a lack of tolerance and control; 2. Whether there are certain risk prevention measures in career planning.

For example, to reserve interpersonal resources to help yourself, or to prepare financial support, or to prepare related knowledge and skills in advance.

Occupational risk has emerged more and more clearly in front of us. We must acknowledge that disorder and uncertainty have become part of a profession, so we must proactively prevent risks.

  Mobilize mental energy-lack of security, but also lack of self-confidence and sufficient strength. The thing to do at this time is not to evade for a long time, but to mobilize your mental energy and improve your corresponding ability.

In the face of external threats, I have some feelings of loss of control both externally and myself. First of all, you have to look inside and see that there is some kind of psychological energy that can be mobilized. Dedication, sacrifice, ownership, and optimism.Extremely valuable mental energy.

In the face of disorder, you need to strengthen your self-management and team management capabilities; in the face of the threat of failure, you need to improve the ability to deploy various resources and improve the ability to reduce stress.

In any case, the sense of security comes from the inherent strength, and the strength is gradually accumulated.

  ”Living in harmony” with insecurity-the lack of security seems to be a frightening, tired trip to the professional person, running around every day, but always worried about unexpected events, doing things at hand, my mind is full ofExcluding all kinds of bad news, no enjoyment, no excitement, no mood pursuit, this is very harmful to people’s mental illness and career development.

Therefore, no matter in thought or action, you must find ways to reduce the occupational loss caused by “insecurity”.

For example, when you lack a sense of occupational safety, you can force yourself to see the worst possible situation and accept it bravely.

So the best solution is to live in harmony with insecurity.

Chinese medicine comprehensively solves the problem of anorexia in children

Chinese medicine comprehensively solves the problem of anorexia in children

Anorexia in children refers to the main symptoms of long-term loss of appetite or lack of appetite in children (mainly 3-6 years old). It has no obvious complications and symptoms can be aggravated in summer.

It is a symptom, not a separate disease.

Anorexia is a kind of spleen and stomach disease (also known as digestive system disease) that Chinese medicine calls.

Often manifested as babies who do not like to eat every month or longer.

When they got to dinner, their parents were worried, and they tried to chase and tease, and cheated to feed.

Although it is better in kindergarten than at home, it is also leftovers.

  Some children are anorexia caused by chronic diseases, and some chronic diseases such as anemia, rickets, hepatitis, indigestion and long-term constipation may cause overcoming anorexia. At this time, it should be checked clearly and the appetite can be improved after the chronic diseases are treated.

However, most pediatric anorexia is not caused by disease, but by poor eating habits, unreasonable eating systems, poor eating environment, and psychological factors of parents and children.

The main reason is that parents have the right childcare knowledge and think it is inappropriate.

  Reasons for anorexia in children: 1. Some parents (especially the elderly) often use snacks to coax their children. As soon as the baby cries, they give a piece of candy, and as soon as the baby makes a cookie, the child cannot eat on time.

This will cause ① irregular diet, no fixed eating time, eating time is prolonged or shortened, the normal digestion and absorption rules are disrupted.

② Constant snacks, non-stop mouth, and uneasy stomach, leading to peristalsis and secretion disorders of venous blood transfusion.

③ Beverages, ice cream, chocolate and other high content keep blood sugar at a high level without feeling dry.

④ Poor eating environment, play while eating, or parents tease and rebuke when eating, so that the food cortex of the cerebral cortex can not form a dominant excitatory stove.

  2. Now that the family conditions are better, parents are afraid of the baby’s lack of nutrition and hope that the baby will grow up fast. Since childhood, they have fish, meat and eggs as the main diet, and even give their children tonic.

This one-sided pursuit of high nutrition, unrestrained feeding of meat, eggs and milk will damage reproduction and cause indigestion.

And taking too much medicine or abuse health supplements, increase the burden of digestion and absorption.

  3. Parents pay too much attention to their children’s eating, which makes them have rebellious psychology. The robes use anti-feeding as a bargaining chip.

  4, lack of exercise, reduced metabolism, gastrointestinal digestive function can not be strengthened.

  5. Others: Irregular life, insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, constipation, physical discomfort, etc. These can cause children to eclipse, feed, imbalance nutrition, and even anorexia.

  Treatment of pediatric anorexia: (1) Routine treatment 1. First, take the child to the pediatric or gastroenterology department of the hospital for a comprehensive and detailed examination, exclude those chronic diseases that can cause anorexia, rule out iron deficiency and zinc deficiency.

  2, regular diet, regular meals to ensure diet hygiene; regular life, adequate sleep, regular bowel movements; comprehensive nutrition, eat more coarse grains and fruits and vegetables; control snacks and sweets, drink less drinks.

  3. Improve the eating environment so that children can concentrate on eating and maintain a good mood.

  4. Parents should avoid paying too much attention to their children ‘s eating behaviors; when the child deliberately refuses to feed, they cannot be accommodated, such as one or two meals, and the parents should not worry.Naturally, children will ask for food; they must not be extended as a condition for children to eat.

  5, strengthen physical exercise, especially long-distance running, swimming and other aerobic exercises.

  6, do not take medicine blindly, do not absorb health supplements; you can appropriately take Chinese and Western medicines that regulate the spleen and stomach to promote digestion and absorption, such as: Jian’er Xiaoshi Oral Liquid, Xiao’er Xiaoji Pill, Xiaoer Heidi Tablets, Jianpi Cake, LargeHawthorn granules and Jian’er San etc.

  Precautions: Contraindications for the treatment of anorexia in children: Generally, nourishing medicines such as ginseng, mature land, and tortoise…

In addition, you cannot use many medicines attacked by bitter cold, such as rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, betel nut, etc. These medicines can also damage the function of the spleen and stomach.

It is best to use some traditional Chinese medicine with peaceful properties, sweet taste, and nourishing the stomach and transporting the spleen.

  B) Children with anorexia by massage are often both anorexia and anorexia, and it is difficult to cooperate with the treatment.

Massage has a significant effect in treating anorexia in children, spleen appetizer, and reach the middle coke.

Here are several massage treatments based on different TCM syndrome types: (1) milk stagnation: 1) treatment principle: digestion and stagnation.

  2) Prescription for massage: 100 times for clearing the door, 100 times for gossip in reverse luck, 100 times for pushing four horizontal stripes, 6 times for pinching the ridges, 100 times for retreating six times, 100 times for kneading valley.

  (2) Breeding of Phlegm: 1) Principles of treatment: Spleen dryness, dampness and phlegm.

  2) Prescription for massage: Spleen Meridian 200 times, rubbing wind 100 times, rubbing foreign labor 100 times, rubbing stomach for 3 minutes, reverse gossip 100 times, pinching the spine 6 times, pushing four horizontal stripes 100 times.

  (3) Insect damage to spleen: 1) Treatment principle: Spleen strengthening and deworming.

  2) Massage prescription: massage the abdomen for 5 minutes, rub the Tianshu 200 times, push down the seven joints 200 times, reverse gossip 100 times, push four horizontal lines 100 times, pinch the spine 6 times.

  (4) Weakness of the spleen and stomach: 1) The principle of treatment: Yiqi Jianpi.  2) Prescription for massage: 200 times to replenish the spleen, 200 times to rub a litter of wind, 100 times to gossip in the bad luck, 100 times to push the four horizontal stripes, 100 times to rub the foreign labor palace, 100 times to nourish the kidney, and 100 times to clear the river.

  Note: 1) Proper outdoor activities, more sun exposure, increase physical fitness.

  2) Eat regularly and quantitatively to prevent partial eating and picky eating, replace breast milk, and add supplementary food in time.

The food structure is reasonable to ensure nutrition.

  3) For the treatment of anorexic spleen and spleen type due to worm accumulation, it should be combined with taking an insecticide (3) Acupuncture commonly used points: four sutures.

  Spare point: Zusanli.

  Operation: Take only four slits of the middle finger at each time. After disinfection, the doctor fixes with the left hand and fully exposes the acupoint area, holding the No. 28 5 minute needle on the right, quickly punctures, adds a small amount of yellow and white mucus, and disinfects the cottonPress the ball for a moment.

Severe illness.

You can add Sanli acupoints with a 30-inch 1-inch needle.

Banned every time.

The above treatments were performed every other day and alternated on both sides.

  Note: (1) The onset of this disease can not take a single measure, but comprehensive measures should be taken, such as: regular quantitative diet, avoid partial and snacks, and establish a good eating environment.

Don’t eat cold and fatty food, and don’t eat it by force.

  (2) The four-slit acupuncture point can be stopped until the yellow-white liquid expands.

  (3) Children with elderly body weight in this method.

  Auricular point sticking method: Common points: spleen, stomach.

  Spare points: Shenmen, Migen.

  Operation: Generally, only common points are taken. If a spare point can be added (two points can be used in turns).

Take the acupuncture points each time and apply pressure with Wang Buliuzi or magnetic beads. Parents will inject 2?
Repeat 3 times, each half to 1min.

Alternate on both sides, 2?
Redeem once every 3rd.

  Note: (1) This method is used for children with mild symptoms or prevention of aura symptoms.

  (2) Parents should not be overweight when under pressure.

Due to the delicate skin of children, excessive weight can cause damage.

  Lamp fire moxibustion: common points: dorsal spleen.

  Location of spleen point at the back of the ear: the tail of the ear where the chakra foot disappears.

  Operation: First gently rub the front ear lobe to initiate local congestion.

After routine disinfection of the acupoint, take a rush, soak one end in sesame oil or other vegetable oil for a while, drain, ignite, and point moxibustion at the back of the ear to hear a pop.

If not, you can order moxibustion once more, but no more than twice.

If it does not work, you can do another moxibustion on the right spleen after the 7th day.

  Note: (1) This law applies to all types of anorexia in children caused by improper diet.

  (2) After moxibustion, a band-aid can be applied locally in the acupoint area to prevent the child from scratching, so as not to cause infection.

  Acupoint injection: Common point: Zusanli.

  Operation: medicinal solution: Vitamin D3 injection, 300,000 U (1ml) for infants and young children, 40 for those over 10 years old?
600,000 U.

  Each time you select the retinal acupoint area and disinfect it with iodophor, use 2?
Use a 5ml syringe to aspirate the medicine, quickly break the skin at the acupuncture point, and slowly send the needle until you feel a sense of gas (the hand feels a little tight at this time).

The syringe is used once a week, and the two sides are placed alternately.

4 times for a course of treatment.
  Note: (1) This method is only applicable to children with anorexia of spleen deficiency, manifested as anorexia or partial eclipse, lack of complexion, bloating, loose stools, weight loss, delayed growth and development, and poor resistance.

These children are often accompanied by irritability and sweating and rickets such as chicken breasts.

  (2) Since vitamin D3 is an oil injection solution, the needle’s yin force is transmitted during the injection, and the syringe connector should be tightened before injection to prevent the drug solution from overflowing.

  (3) Can be combined with food therapy: hawthorn cake, 10?
30g; appropriate amount of chicken skin, washed, ground powder, 1 per serving?
3g daily 2?
3 times.
  (4) Therapeutic Formula One: Chicken Golden Porridge Ingredients: 6 chicken golden, 3 grams of dried orange peel, 2 grams of amomum, 50 grams of rice, and sugar

  System usage: the chicken gold, dried orange peel, Amomum grind into fine powder for later use.

First put the previous rice into the pot and add the right amount of water to cook the porridge. When the previous rice is quickly cooked, add the above medicine into the pot and cook until it is cooked.

This party can be taken 3 times a day, and should be taken for 5-7 days.

  Efficacy: This recipe has the effects of digestion, stagnation, qi and stomach.

  Second, rock sugar wumei soup ingredients: ebony, 60 grams each of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash and soak ume for 20 minutes, remove the core, cut into diced pieces, add ume into the pot and cook with an appropriate amount of water until it is half-cooked, then add rock sugar, and cook until the rock sugar is completely melted. Serve after coolingThe bottle is spare.

Take half a spoon at a time, 3 times a day.

  Efficacy: This formula has the effects of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, appetizing and astringent intestines, and anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal effects.

  Third, the children’s Xiaoshi porridge ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn flakes, 50 grams of sorghum rice, milk powder, sugar each amount.

  System usage: Put hawthorn flakes and sorghum rice together in a pot and fry over low heat.

Grind the charred hawthorn flakes together with sorghum rice to make coarse flour.

Inject the coarse powder into the casserole, add the right amount of water and cook until it is cooked, then add the right amount of milk powder and sugar to serve.

Children under 1 year old can take 10 grams of digestive porridge at a time; children 2-3 years old can take 20 grams of digestion porridge; children 4 years old can take 30-40 grams of digestion porridge.

Take 3 times a day.

  Efficacy: This recipe has the effects of appetizing digestion, invigorating spleen, invigorating spleen, eliminating stagnation and eliminating stasis, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and astringent and antidiarrheal.

For women, we ca n’t just rely on accommodation


To women cannot just rely on accommodation

Gongzi Zhou: I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years. I have had a lot of happiness and misunderstandings and troubles.

She is my first love in the true sense, so basically I pay more materially and spiritually, and I am very comfortable with her.

  She is a very independent and thoughtful girl.

There was a period when a teacher-student relationship hurt her, so she was very cautious about feelings and felt that she didn’t give up as much as I did, but I didn’t mind these, as long as everyone was happy together.

  But in reality, I feel a little powerless. I have misunderstood many times. Whether it is right or wrong, I accommodate her. In exchange, she said, “You are too good to me. I feel a little unreal. I do n’t know your true character andidea”.

If there is a problem in life, she will blame it for our relationship.

  Also, she has a lively personality and many friends around her.

At the same time, she also attaches great importance to “civilians”, and I still don’t see the sky.

She seemed very satisfied with this feeling.

Sometimes it tells me that there are no lack of suitors around me and makes me “cherish her.”

I asked myself not a man with a small amount of energy, but after listening to these, I still feel uncomfortable.

  1718: Unilaterally accommodated her and treated her well, but was accused of “untrue”.

At first glance, the woman seemed a bit mean.

But it does.

For example, in the current TV series, the protagonist can’t be “high Daquan”. Li Yunlong in “Bright Sword”, loyalty and loyalty, and grandeur, but also have to add a little trouble, bad temper, arrogant, undisciplined loveCircle . a little personality suddenly became real, like a “person”.

  Mortal, who has no personality?

However, in order to accommodate her, you smoothed yourself out, and the corners and corners were not illuminated to show her, but she embraced her like the sea.

So she said that she didn’t know your true character and thoughts at all, and she didn’t know her heart and lacked a sense of control. No wonder she would worry about emotional problems.

  Therefore, she will often warn you to “cherish her”.

But she’s upset you, right?

-“What’s the matter, don’t take Grandpa out, and always threaten Grandpa with other men, do you want to run with others?”-But don’t forget, her point is to make you “cherish her”It seems that you still care about you, but on the surface, you always have to open your teeth.

  No way, woman.

Husband feels more depressed than wife in marriage

Husband feels more depressed than wife in marriage

“Loyalty and depression” data compares loyalty: 96% of partners “invest” in each other to a high level.

95% of people first care about whether the other party is happy and are willing to give each other freedom.

88% are “willing to do their best to satisfy a partner.”


9% of people bind their partners and have a lover forever.

90% of the survey respondents were self-disciplined; 93% of the survey respondents were self-disciplined.

  Depression: 98.

86% find themselves very easily angry and excited; 70.

94% of people have long felt “sullen and depressed” 76.

22% believe that life is not very promising; 60% lack a deep desire for marriage happiness; 53.

2% of people have no hope for the future; 51.

7% often feel upset and anxious; the overall level of depression in the survey is “moderate”.

  Loyalty is not an inducement of depression. Some people may have some preconceived ideas about the relationship between loyalty and depression. Some kind of loyalty is painful, severely restrains and suppresses personality. They feel that disloyalty conforms to the so-called “human nature” and even advertises”Modern” yourself.

In fact, high loyalty does not inevitably lead to depression. Loyalty is the root of marriage happiness and the foundation of one’s happiness. It is not the inducement of depression.

  Regarding the results, it is not necessary to watch the survey results sadly. Many people will feel that the data on loyalty is better than imagined. People often have their own feelings about marriage and loyalty from their relatively small living area and experience.When this feeling is negative, they will be exaggerated.

However, if we jump out of the “small” scope and survival experience, we will be objectively seen the real situation of life, so that our own inner growth.

  The results of this survey show a lot of positive aspects. There is no need to be pessimistic. We can adjust the depression in marriage to a normal range.

  Sources of Depression in Marriage Speaking of the sources of depression in marriage, there are actually many kinds of them, which can be roughly divided into two categories: outside the family and inside the family.

  First of all, we are now a pluralistic society. In this social context, every family will face relatively fierce competition and great pressure.

Every couple will have employment pressure. There are specific living problems such as buying a house, car and insurance, as well as children’s education, schooling and employment. These are sources of depression outside of marriage.

  What about the sources of depression within marriage?

A happy marriage is one in which couples can coordinate with each other and communicate effectively. Two people can think about the same problem from the same direction. A harmonious couple relationship should highlight “consistency”, but in some marriages, the fact is often not.
  A diverse society and culture will create diversified values. The life experience and education of the couple are often mutual. It is normal for the values and world views of the two to differ.

But when it comes to the details of husband and wife’s life, they often have great differences on the same issue, which will lead to a lot of friction and conflict. Therefore, the frustration, restraint, compromise and tolerance of marriage partners will cause depression.

  Marriage depression is divided into genders. Marriage depression is divided into genders. Due to the different values of men and women, husbands often feel more obvious and strong in the development of their personal careers and family economic security, while women in child care, Household financial management and other areas have suffered more repression.

  According to statistics, the number of women in marriage is significantly more than that of men. However, men are more depressive than women, which is more serious than women. In simple terms, there are more female oppressors than men.The degree of depression is relatively deep.

  Why are men more oppressive than women in marriage?

It’s just that our traditional culture is playing a role, and traditional culture requires men to have tears, but no matter how much pressure, men cannot easily reveal their heads, nor can they lower their heads. They can only psychologically hold back. Men’s income in marriage is vented.And effective ways to channel bad emotions, so men are naturally more depressed than women.

  Marriage is not a means to obtain “happiness”. Some of our young people often regard marriage as a “natural” thing. They think that when a person is of age, they should do something. When they are of a suitable age, they should fall in love and think about marriage.
In fact, such a concept is immature. Many young men may not even understand “what is a true marriage” or “how to manage their marriage” even when they are of marriageable age. Some people often do not grasp the true meaning of marriage.It is more about thinking trivial details. Although the details are also important, the “direction” of marriage life is more important. Some people are always vague about the “direction” of marriage. This has to be said as a pity.

  Some young people think that marriage is a means to obtain “happiness”, dreaming that they will meet their needs through marriage, both materially and spiritually, and enhance their social status.”Marry Han, dress and eat.”

Once you don’t get these rewards, you think marriage is unfortunate.

  Marriage is not just for “dressing and eating”, these are the accompanying products of marriage. In the marriage life, the relationship between real partners should be more between the spiritual “attachment” and individual independence of each other.There is a constructive and positive dynamic balance relationship, which gives people more spiritual satisfaction and security. The two genders are integrated in marriage, but the individual existence of the individual is highlighted.

It is generally accepted that the boundaries of each other are not desirable, and the intimacy in marriage cannot lose the space of self.

  Fundamental involvement in marriage is a very close relationship between the sexes. The two together contribute to this intimate relationship, and both sides of the robe also gain spiritual and material gains from this relationship.

But marriage must not be turned into a “means” for some kind of benefit.

Grasping this “direction”, the husband and wife will come back to communicate with each other on an equal footing, communicate patiently, and compromise with each other to “negotiate” with each other.

Use couples’ “combined strength” to cope with depression.And don’t break out in the relationship between husband and wife, the result can only produce internal friction.

  However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the depression in marriage, because we cannot encounter any problems and challenges in life, and our marriage does not exist in a “vacuum”. Therefore, we should not expect ourselves in marriage.There is no sense of depression at all, we just need to adjust the depression to the normal range.

  Divorce also has a “spiritual cost”. Loyalty does not restrict humanity. It is a basic feature of marriage life. Marriage is not as simple as playing between children. Some people say “I love you and get married. NoDivorce when I love you.

This very indiscreet view of “indifferent” marriage, from a psychological point of view, is that he (she) does not have a truly mature marriage psychology.

  For divorce, we usually count its material cost, property division, property ownership, distribution, how much maintenance and so on.

However, there is also a “spiritual cost” for divorce, and that is emotional loss and loneliness!

The separation of the two parties means “lost an extremely important emotional support system.”

For example, even when two people are arguing, you have a vent object, which is very important to you, because your activity has a response, whether this response is positive or negative, at least it will prove that you are hereThere is a relationship.

Humans are social animals, and loneliness is scary to us.

People have feelings. When they leave each other, they will immediately lose their “emotional support system” and close their loneliness.

  It is a relatively mature approach to treat marriage after we understand its essence. It is neither easy to enter, no problem to give up, and no need to give up lightly. Both husband and wife must turn their difficulties in handling marriage into the possibility of their own growth.

Therefore, loyalty needs to be promoted in marriage.

Psychology believes that a person can grow up through marriage and achieve maturity through marriage life. Loyalty helps shape a person’s psychological maturity.

Crab and liver for the golden autumn season

Crab and liver for the golden autumn season

In the golden autumn season, chrysanthemum and yellow crab fat is just the right time to taste river crabs.

Tradition has always had the tradition of tasting crabs when the autumn wind is rising.

  In the fall, crabs are mainly river crabs.

River crabs once prevailed in the south; northerners prefer sea crabs.

But now, regardless of location, more and more people are beginning to love the deliciousness of river crabs.

“September sharp navel October group” refers to the abundance of male crab crab cream in the lunar month of September, and the female crab in the lunar month of October is full of oil, which is the best time for river crabs.

  Crab is very popular, not only because it is delicious, but more importantly, the nutrients it contains are also very important to the human body.

Chinese medicine believes that crab has medicinal value.

“Suixiju Diet Spectrum” records, “can replenish the marrow, nourish the liver and yin, fill the stomach fluid, nourish the muscles and promote blood circulation.”

In addition, crabs can also be supplemented with protein.

Protein is the material basis for human growth and development. There are 20 main amino acids in proteins, and there are more than 10 in crabs.

Sea crabs, because they grow in seawater, contain more minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

  Chen Xiafei, a nutritionist who is the chief of nutrition department of Shanghai East China Hospital, introduced that the difference in taste between river crabs and sea crabs is mainly caused by different growth environments, and the nutritional differences are not large.

But the crab yellow is more delicious; the sea crab meat is more vigorous.

  When choosing river crabs, you should pay attention to: first, the crab shell is bright; second, the navel is convex and triangular, and it is usually full of fat; third, it is to reverse the crab body, if it can be turned back quickly, it means that it is fresh, even after storageCast.

The fourth is to choose crabs with more hair on the crab claws, which are more plump.

  Among crabs, the most popular ones on the market today are hairy crabs, but they are also the most expensive.

Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants may use ordinary river crabs to impersonate hairy crabs for profit.

In fact, there are only two or more female crabs, two each.

5 Two or more male crabs are called hairy crabs.

Therefore, when buying hairy crabs, people should ask the merchants to weigh them one by one to prevent being cheated.

  Yang Weilong, president of the Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Industry Association, said that when choosing hairy crabs, they should also pay attention to its shape. There are four major characteristics: first, the green back is smooth and shiny; second, the white belly, no black spots; third, yellow hair, crab legsThe hair is long and yellow; the fourth is golden claws, and the crab claws are golden and powerful.

  As the saying goes, “crab is delicious on the table.”

Crab is delicious because it retains its umami, so it is best to eat steamed crabs now.

After steaming, add seasoning with balsamic vinegar and ginger, soy sauce.

When eating, lift the crab cover, crab paste is like jade, crab yellow is like gold, the entrance is fresh and fat, sweet and greasy.

  Do n’t overlook health while you taste delicious.

Crabs have high levels of crab yellow cholesterol, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Therefore, do not eat more than one crab at a time, and eat at most 2-3 times a week.

Also, don’t eat more crabs because they are cold.

Especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  There are four parts to throw away: the stomach, which is a triangle-shaped bone packet in the center of the front edge of the dorsal shell; the second is the intestine, which is the black line from the crab stomach to the crab navel;It is the gills, that is, two rows of soft things that grow on the belly of the crab like eyebrows.

These parts are dirty and edible, and may even cause food poisoning.